How To Make An Omelette-An Easy Recipe!

A great easy omelet(te) recipe!

Get whatever ingredients you have in grandma's house....I suspect this works in your own home-we've just never done this at home. It's like pancakes--my son never eats them except in this house, with this lady:
It seems that you don't need to measure anything for omelettes- just throw in a couple eggs (or three if you are a bottomless pit of a teenager), add some milk, salt and pepper and then the rest are optional: I think my teen had ham, roast beef (both from Presents Day dinner), onion, maybe some peppers, and garlic maybe? He tends to use onions and garlic together like they are salt and pepper...

Insert all ingredients into a plastic baggie (seriously).

Fill a pan with water and set to boil.

Mix ingredients in bag.
Hold up for mom to take yet another picture for her silly blog that no one reads.

Place baggies in boiling water for 12 minutes. Or is it three....hmmm...maybe just cook them until the mixture is solid.
(disclaimer: I don't eat eggs plain so I don't actually take part much in the making of them)

And then open the baggie, dump the contents on a plate and enjoy!!!


  1. almost loved said...:

    This is the first time I heard of making an omelette this way. Pretty cool! I always use my frying pan and it turns out pretty good until I try to flip it. That's when my omelette becomes scrambled egg. :/

  1. Jean said...:

    Hey......that is the best I have ever seen Kathy's hair look!!!!! Love ya!

    Happy New Year

    Aunt Jean in IOWA!

  1. kimbofo said...:

    My goodness, I've never heard of making omelettes like this. I always just cook mine in a frypan. I love adding loads of cheese and spring onions to mine. Delicious. My only proviso is that the eggs MUST be organic/free range.

  1. monkey said...:

    hey, tell your son i read your blog :-)
    and my sister makes omelets like this. i thought she was crazy ingenious. i don't get out much, apparently.


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