Just Mention the V Word!

I try to save money any way I can. I'm not one to just throw my money away on particular things....not to say that I don't throw my money away (I do love to eat out), but sometimes, it's easy to cut some corners and save big money. Like using the library instead of buying books-a change I made a few yrs ago that has saved me space in my house AND put space in my bank account!

Cable tv is nice to have, but can be pricey. BUT there is a way to save...
Just ask!!!

Call and ask for a discount.
Seriously--it is THAT simple.

Comcast Cable Company is an easy company to work with one particular way: They want to keep their customers and are willing to give the best rate.

Don't agree?
Have you ever tried asking? Cause that's all it takes.

Every eight months (or thereabouts), I call Comcast and ask to be put on a special plan. They have never ever ever EVER once denied me this request. I get put on a discounted rate for the next six months, sometimes saving just $15-20, but sometimes saving $30-50. I'm not kidding!! Saving $50 for NO reason other than asking??? Why would you pass that up??
I say every eight months because they aren't supposed to put you on back-to-back specials and most of the deals I get last six months.

Recently I have been considering switching to Verizon. They give more channels for the money, however they do require a yearly contract for their services. If I made the switch to Verizon, I would get more channels and pay just about $5 more, but supposedly their internet service is faster.

I called Comcast and did my normal routine of asking for a special...and the snotty girl on the line acted like I was asking for her first-born. She said that they don't have any specials right now so there's nothing she can do. Did I mention she was rude? She was. She was!!! I am very nice when I start my dealings with customer service almost 92% of the time and I definitely was this time so she had NO reason for being rude. But she was. And so I sighed...and then told her, well, that's interesting because I've never been told this before. For the last 5 years, Comcast has ALWAYS had some kind of special that has saved me a little bit off my bill...and she said, still snotty---"well, I don't think that it's normal that you would always find a special going on. Maybe you were just calling at the right times, but I can not give you one."

Me: I guess I will have to consider other options then. Verizon is offering faster service and more channels for just below the price I am paying Comcast right now....
Snotty Girl: Please hold.

And within 2 minutes, I had a wonderfully kind young man on the phone who was offering me 6 months of cheaper service: $19 off my internet service and $12 off my cable, and he waived my modem fee for a year (which is a silly $3 a month) AND he gave me the 5 starz channels for three months.

Interesting that the specials suddenly appeared out of nowhere...

Perfect-deal! Sign me up! Thanks wonderfully kind young man! You're wonderful.

So two days later, I'm off to set up my Tivo to record my new 5 starz channels as much as possible for the next three months...and discover that with my older Tivo-I'm not able to. (insert sad face)

I called Comcast back and they told me to call Tivo.

I called Tivo, which is NOT a pleasant experience---22 minutes on hold total. To be told that I need to call Comcast for help in hooking up the Tivo box to the cable modem.

I call Comcast back and go to their tech support and get connected to a mean old man who tells me that I have to call Tivo and tells me that in no certain terms would their technician have set up my cable connection incorrectly.


I call Tivo again, and sit on hold again but only for 16 minutes this time, and they tell me that I need to call Philips, which is the Tivo brand I have.

I call Philips, and get a phone tree that has a continuous loop back to it's original tree menu, no matter which choices I select along the way.

I call Tivo back---score!! only a seven minute wait this time!! I ask them if there's ANY advice they can give and if they have ANY idea on why this is not working for my Tivo to talk to my Comcast modem and they tell me that it is not a Tivo issue.


So I call Comcast back and tell them that I watch live television about 10% of my tv watching time EVER. And not having the ability to use my Tivo to record my free 5 starz channels is discounting the fact that I even have them. And the discount is great and all....but I would rather pay a little extra and be able to watch my shows when I want, and more importantly-fast forward through the commercials, which I find intolerable.

AND I have just learned that Verizon will give me a DVR at no charge for six months!!! FREE!!! I really really love my Tivo---but I really want to have full access to my cable and I REALLY want to never to have to call the Tivo customer service line again. And Verizon DVR is only $8.95 a month---Tivo is $12.95.

So I tell my Comcast friend this and she apologizes for my frustrations and puts me on hold for three minutes and tells me that she has reserved a DVR for me at the local office (or they could come install it but it would be a week) and that she has waived the fee for six months and each month thereafter is only $8.95.

WONDERFUL!!! I drove to the local Comcast store, picked up my DVR and had it hooked up and working within one hour. It would have been much less, if the cables behind the entertainment center didn't look like this:
The wires and cords were so wrapped around each other and in such a mess-it was hard to believe that they were set up that way by the infallible, never-incorrect Comcast technician. I have fixed them so they look MUCH better-it might be my new side job: Comcast Cable Company Cord Coordinator.


  1. TQ said...:

    Will you call Comcast, pretend you're me, and then get me special discounts too??


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