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If you want to make it hard on me, just be everything to everyone.
- Andrew Paul Woodworth

I wrote this down one night while listening to the radio and I had it on this scratch piece of paper for a long time...I really liked it, in a sad, melancholy kinda way.

I always keep a pad of paper (or two) and a pen (or seven) by my bedside so if I hear something on the news, or an NPR story, I can remember to look it up or share it with my friends (blogger or real life) later.

So this paper has been in the drawer of my nightstand, been used as a bookmark, been put in a pile of papers to sort through, put on my dresser, reused as a bookmark, used as a coaster, and back in a new pile of papers - where I found it tonight. I think it's from an interview with him on NPR back in January 2008. A YEAR ago!! I kept this piece of paper THAT long so I could remember this one phrase??

I don't know that I ever even heard the full song, but this one line stuck out enough that I wrote it down. After searching for it, I found it linked to his song and here are the rest of the lyrics (translated on a Turkish site, so excuse a little broken english):

I'm uncomfortable getting massages.
I don't like to be stuck in a crowd.
But I would like to ride bicycles trough your marathon.
I don't want to be alone at a party.
I don't want to be the knock on a door.
I'd like to hypnotize you to be unhypnotizable and stand beside your wall.
And if you want to make it hard on me just be everything to everyone.
I know you're wondering who you are darling.
I know we can be whatever we want.I see you fumbling your keys darling.
Let me take the the power out of those things.
You're safe with me.
So I find myself asking you questions like "What's the life expectancy of a spy?"
You can find your savor in the Oregon marching band,or when buying land.
What if we shut it off?
And if you want to make it hard on me just be everything to everyone.
I know you're following your heart darling.
I know we can do whatever we want.
I see you twitching in your seat darling.
Let me put the power back in your dreams.
You're safe with me.

I can't find a video of Andrew Paul Woodworth singing it, but I did stumble upon this THIS video, which is the best cover song EVER!!! Seriously---you have NEVER heard the Beastie Boys song sound so good..check it out!! (if you don't know of the Beastie Boys-you might not catch the wonderment of this song...but just know that 96% of the Beastie Boys songs are loudloudloud-even when played at a low volume-which doesn't happen for the Beastie Boys-they are always LOUD).

It's funny cause the song lyrics for this song include: "my mom threw away my best porno mag" - but he sings it so softly and sweetly, you feel bad for him...


  1. monkey said...:

    i'm such a fan of anyone taking a fast song and covering it as a ballad.
    hey, that reminds me...have you heard ray lamontagne's cover of 'crazy' by gnarls barkley? it's


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