Travel Planning

I'm going to Vegas!!

I can not wait!

I have only been there once was with my sociopath ex-fiance and it was an AMAZING trip. We had a great time for the three days we were there - and I think what really helped was that he WAS/is a sociopath and somehow got us into a honeymoon type suite at the Venetian. Looking online for that type of room gives me an estimated charge of $400 per night. That man did NOT have the funds for this, but he somehow seemed to get everything worked out in his favor. I'm sure he told them some huge lie, like I'm dying or he's going to propose to me or we were some kind of celebrity. At the time, I didn't know he was a sociopath, but I also don't think I would have cared that he was scamming the hotel because, seriously---there's nothing like having a luxury suite.

Complete psycho.

Anyway....this time I'm going a more traditional way. The kind where you actually pay for your room in a legitimate fashion. However, I do want the best deal and I'm holding out for a magic number (which is LOW). If anyone knows of a super-secret way to get more room for your buck, please email me!!

Amy and I are sharing a room so the cost will be much less anyway, but we are trying to go big for a little price. I have found the Cirque du Soleil tickets for half price and possibly the same for Blue Man Group, one of which I want to see. The airline tickets seem to be a pretty standard price for me to fly there, so the hotel seems to be the last thing I can try and get a deal on....

Aside from a small period of time when I was alone in Korea, this will be my first real vacation without the kid.


Well, there was one time that I went to visit a friend in another state for a few days, but the kid was gone and I barely spent any money and don't really think of it as a "vacation."

So this is my FIRST vacation alone in sixteen years!!!

I hope I won't miss him too much! (Ha!)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    LOL.....I will watch over your precious angel for you :)

  1. You will have an excellent time :)

    Vegas is just one of the best places on the planet to go :)

  1. thehistorychic(no space)@(no space)gmail(no space).(no space)com

    Hopefully that makes sense :)

    TOO COOL!!!


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