Turn Off Your TV

I woke up really early this morning..I hate it when that happens. I don't typically need more than 6 or 7 hours sleep, but sometimes getting more is a GREAT thing. Last night I tried to go to sleep a little early. I was in a warm comfy bed with my kitty at my feet and the radio softly playing in the background and drifting off to sleep by 11:00pm.

But then I woke up at 5:15 or so. Ugh.
I hate that.

I used the loo and then crawled back in my nice warm bed and tried to pretend that I wasn't feeling desperate to get back to sleep immediately. And that is never conducive to sleeping.

I had NPR on in the background and they were talking about this stupid TV conversion crap thing silliness that is going on. I just can't believe we've been talking about this HUGE deal for the last 18 months or so. The reporter said that the cable companies have spent in the millions on advertising this. Seriously---millions. Over losing the ability to easily use the metal bunny ears to get a few basic cable channels??

For those who don't know (because they must not live in the US or don't watch tv):
One big potential pitfall is that many people who think they are prepared for the analog shutoff could lose some channels — or possibly even lose reception entirely — unless they purchase a new antenna.
Yeah--you can't have an older tv and just plug it into the wall anymore and expect to get the 3 or 4 channels you get now without having to subscribe to a cable service. Seriously..this is a HUGE issue apparently.

It's all about the Benjamin's:
The FCC is investing roughly $10 million in in-house and outsourced call center operations and has said it expects to be able to handle 2.15 million calls during the week of Feb. 15.
$10 million dollars???

AND...that's not ALL!!!
The FCC also has awarded $8.4 million to 12 outside groups, including AARP, to staff call centers and help consumers buy and install converter boxes.
Here's the story that was on NPR today.
It's pretty insane how much coverage this has gotten. I understand that it's most likely the poor who will lose their tv's.....but ugh, can't we invest this money into some kind of funding to help the poor not BE poor---and then just do a mass mailing to every house in the world and let them know how to get their free cable back? That seems like a better use of funds.

And Obama's people have asked the cable companies to push the HUGE changeover back some so that they can help more people be prepared. You would think we are preparing for a natural disaster or something...it's just gotten so much attention. It's almost as if more planning was put into this than a real disaster..like, say a particular war that has gone on FOREVER.


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  1. Yeah they have made a huge deal of this though I kind of understand pushing back the date. The elderly sometimes only get their information through the news including critical weather information. However, the government could have done much better in planning this and making the cable companies pitch in ALOT more.


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