Vacuums, Tivos and Messengers, Oh My!

Electronic Devises hate me today.

My vacuum has issues...I just can not get it to work. The roller thing was working but the handle/wand/brush thing was not. I have to clear out the roller thing after EVERY use. As soon as there is 3/4 inch in the bag less spin cycle see-through container-things stop spinning and the suction function-ability goes WAY down. So I disassembled it, cleared it all out, pulled out the plastic fork and 8 lbs of cat hair that was clogging the wand, and then reassembled it. It was like a brand new vacuum....but with some spare parts. I don't remember it having extra screws when I started disassembling it, but I have some now, which will be great if the others get loose an fall out or something. Wonderful. Anyway, the tube wand brush thing works GREAT now...but the roller is no longer working.
Tivo apparently hates comcast. I can not get my tivo to talk to my comcast box. I've looked it up online and played with it myself and asked friends and can not make this friendship work. So I called Tivo. This is how that goes:
Listen to obnoxious hold music and stupid phone tree.
Make selection, repeat above step.
Repeat above step three times.
My solution to this issue: discontinue my beloved Tivo service (Sad!!!). More to come on's a great story. Inspirational even.
My msn messenger has decided to stop working on my laptop. I can't log in-it tells me my password is wrong AND then it tells me that my account is locked from trying too many times. BUT when I log onto my home computer---logs in just fine. Silly MSN.
I'm off to dinner with the girls and then we're having a Games Night. Fun!!



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