350th Celebration Countdown Issues...

Well, faithful bloggers, it appears that I am not a professional blogger. I know, you're shocked. But it's true.

There are various reasons why this is obvious-probably some of you may have noticed....but the biggest concern right now is that my big 350th-post giveaway spectacular was due to start eh, today or tomorrow....and as I was looking at my blog post listings, where blogger counts how many posts I have, I deleted a draft of a posting that was yet another picture of my cats that I never posted (lest I start to really convince more of you that I am turning into a crazy cat lady), and as soon as I deleted that draft post, um, well, my blogger count went down by one.

Sigh. Of course, blogger counts the drafts as well....shouldn't I have noticed this?
SO - what does this mean, dear readers? It means we probably have a full extra week to wait before the big 350th Celebration Post Giveaway can take place!!

I really should try and learn more about how to be a blogger. 350 posts is a lot, right? You'd think I would have a bit more knowledge about it by now. I honestly just blog because I like to write. I don't typically put a LOT of time into my blog (as is obvious by the looks of my page, right?), but maybe I should spend a day and learn a little more.

Blogger has these great blogger forums where any blogger can post their question and anyone can answer, but there are "professional" bloggers from blogger that reply with real knowledge as well, which is great. And I signed up to receive notices when new questions are posted, a daily email with ALL the questions asked..helpful, right? Except that every day I get these emails and EVERY day there are about 100 questions. If I didn't work, I would love to browse through these daily digest emails, but um, c'mon---100 at a time?? Can't someone select the top 10 questions of the day to email? And sometimes the questions are repetitive or were answered last week. I just don't have time for that.

I will try to learn one new blogger thing a week--big or small. I think that's a good goal for now.

We are going to be starting a blog at work and it would be great if I had a little more knowledge to contribute.

So, to wrap up......stay tuned for the big giveaway...it's coming!!! I swear!!! I even have prizes ---really!!!! Come back!!! Don't leave!! Stay for the prizes!!!


  1. Medio Pomelo said...:

    Oh, funny!!! :)) I'm approaching 100 in mine and then when I thought I was on 99 I started to delete really old drafts and the number went down to 93!!! :)) I felt a bit relieved though as I hadn't thought of an appropriate post to celebrate yet. I'm looking forward to your celebration! :)

  1. You are tooooooooooooooo funny :)

    Just make sure it is done before Vegas, I wouldn't want it messing with your vacation LOL


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