And a Happy VD To You!!!

Seriously---how did a card company end up creating its own holiday?
The commercialization of love is sad.
I am not giving in.....tomorrow is the Anti-Valentines Day Pub Crawl. I think there are about 90 people going through the downtown area to five different pubs. Should be a blast.

I first went to this pub crawl three years ago. I got really into the spirit of it and decorated a tissue box just like in grade school - but I decorated it in black paper and black lace and skulls & crossbones. Cute.

Then I made a series of valentines made out of dark brown and black paper, in somewhat heart like shapes, but with a big hole in the heart, or broken right down the middle-none were whole- with sweet sayings on them like:
  • You'll Do
  • My Mom warned me about you.
  • I'm better than this....
  • You're not the right one. You're not even the right one for right now.
  • I don't really like you that much.
  • You 're okay.
  • Destined to be alone.
I'm not sure I'll go all out this year, but it was fun having strangers in a bar reach into the decorated box and pick out a card.

Will be fun to go out with friends anyway...

AND ---------my next post is my 350th!!!!!!! Woohoo!! My first giveaway!!! I'm so excited!! Aren't you???


  1. Christina said...:

    That sounds like fun, I haven't done a pub crawl in ages.

  1. Alison R U HAPPY? said...:

    OMG....I love those Valentines!!! I'm going to make those just for the fun of it!

  1. Slyde said...:

    Did you just wish VD on me? :)

    i love those valentines!

  1. Tracey said...:

    Love the black heart non-valentines...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yeah, we gave up celebrating Valentine's Day years ago bc of the commercialism of it all.

  1. Sarah Laurence said...:

    How funny! I've never gotten the sense of commercialized romance. Fun to find you blog. Congratulations on 350, but I leave it to your regulars to enter the drawing.


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