Love, Sweet Love....

With the Hallmark Holiday upon us, I feel the love in the air. Here are some of the faces of those that I love.

Fred came to us during the second round of Arctic Blast 2008. Originally, I thought I should feed the birds cause they weren't prepared for the Arctic Blast 2008 storm that the rest of us were, so they didn't have food stocked up. I heard others saying they were feeding the birds, so I thought I should too. Unfortunately, I don't keep bird food on hand. So I spread out some granola that had been in the cupboard for about a year.

The thing with the granola, you see, is that I didn't realize how yummy granola is outside of it's natural form: The Granola Bar, until just about 15 months ago. Yeah, you heard that right---I went 33 years without knowing that granola is GREAT mixed into yogurt. Did you all know about this secret delicacy? Why did my parents not share this secret goodness with me? I don't know-I think I was a bad child. It's really good! So I went through a phase where I ate yogurt with granola EVERY day. And then I got sick of it. And had a large box leftover.

Anyway, once the stale granola was gone, I felt bad, cause it was disappearing fast so obviously the birds were HUNGRY. They needed me. Then I moved on to Honey Nut Cheerios. They liked those too.

Then we had some stale Frosted Flakes. Birds aren't picky. Those weren't as popular (as they weren't they with my son either) but they slowly were being eaten.

And day while working from my couch....I see Fred. Or rather, the cats did. They did this fun super-fast belly crawl across the living room at a lightening fast pace. And there was Fred - eating the frosted flakes meant for our feathered friends!! But honestly, squirrels are more interesting to watch than birds, and so we moved from stale Frosted Flakes to peanuts in the shell (only slightly stale).

Fred is not shy - and as the days went on, Fred grew to love the family.

And then came the day when dear little fluffy non-rabies Fred, took a peanut directly from my beloved first-born's hand.

We love Fred.

And then there's Natalie. Young wonderful Natalie. I adore her. She's like the best pseudo-cousin you could ever have. She's like a little sister who was born after you were already out of the house and you didn't grow up with her but you love her like a sister anyway, and when you're together, it's like you have a connection. Natalie is EFFING hilarious. Seriously, we went to bingo the other night with her boyfriend Sonny/Sammy and she was saying some stuff that left us in tears. TEARS during bingo. It had something to do with eyes, or music, or maybe health, but it was one of those "you had to be there" moments. If I tried to recreate the story, none of you would get it. But trust me---it was FUNNY. Bingo is only fun because of people I hang out with, like Natalie. I could never have as much fun at bingo without someone like Natalie playing bingo with me.

I love Natalie. And I might love Sonny/Sammy too. He is a perfect match for Nat-he is FUNNY.

And this is not a posed picture - I took one shot and without any discussion, they both thought to make a face. LOVE them.

And then there's this one....Alison is like my younger sister who I DID grow up with, if I had a younger sister and was really close with her. We can talk all day about nothing or everything. I think there are very few people in the world who know me as well as Alison. We love the same types of books, we feel the same way about rude people, we have similar thoughts on politics, we make each other laugh when it's inappropriate, we talk about vagina issues and drugs and prostitutes and ethical dilemmas and ex-boyfriends and good friends we've lost touch with and what we expect in the future, and how life could be better or worse, etc. We email non-stop and we text when we're not emailing. I don't know what we can talk about because we have talked about EVERYTHING.

Last week, Ali and I thought it would be fun to start an Etsy shop and make money. We're crafty girls-we really are-people would love the stuff we come up with in our head. We think of great things!! So we got together last week to start on our stock of Etsy stuff. Well, we were supposed to scrapbook first, but she's somewhat like my mom about scrapbooking. She can sort through photos for hours and end up not scrapping anything. But to be fair, Alison hasn't had a lot of experience. I'll work on that with her.

So we got out this great modeling clay and went to work on some of our great ideas. We didn't get far. We made a small series of things that my son took one look at and said, "why were you guys making penises with clay?"

And that might be an original Etsy shop and I expect everyone reading this to buy something!! Stay tuned.

This is Ali hard at work.

I love Alison.

This is the new creature that has taken over for Fred. Fred didn't come one day and so there was a pile of cheerios outside the door. RIGHT at the door, cause I like Fred to be close to me and the kitties. Fred never comes at night and so I was a little surprised when the cats did the low-belly super-fast crawl across the living room in the evening. And then here was this beautiful masked cheerio-thief, all fluffy and fat and I love him. We didn't try to feed him out of our hands, though I had a raccoon outside my old apartment a long time ago and he would come right up and pull a ritz cracker from our hand. (stop---I am aware of the danger--I like to live on the edge!!)

I love creatures who dress up and wear masks!

Love is in the air.....


  1. Alison R U HAPPY? said...:

    OMG you are so funny

  1. Nat said...:


  1. I love Fred! Raccoons scare the bejeezuz out of me, but squirrels? Darling!! I hope he returns.

  1. Tracey said...:

    I. Am. Shuddering.

    10 years ago (sob!) when I was pregnant with MY firstborn (SOBSOB!!) I came home from work to a frigid house. I recalled something my husband had said about not turning the heat on for some reason.... Whatever. I was pregnant and cold. So I turned on the heat. HA! Take that, hubby.

    About an hour later, as the sun set on that wintry night, and my husband was still at work (worked late nights back then) I heard a strange noise...

    My cats did that low growl and belly crawled in the kitchen where a SQUIRREL was staring us all down!

    The word "scream" doesn't really qualify for what I did. All I could picture was rabies for my unborn child. The series of events that followed is hysterical, NOW, but horrifying then. I'll have to write a post on my blog, as this comment has taken a life of its own...

    Cut to the chase: I. Hate. Squirrels.


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