My Job is Not Boring!

This was my day today:

  • Rush rush rush to get to work a little early for a meeting.

  • *sleepy* Why did I stay up so late reading??

  • Driving in traffic, multi-tasking as I go. Every red light frustrates me but it's a chance to put on lip gloss, or plug my phone into the charger, or read the 4 emails that just came in, or check my hair (which was a mess today), or get my laptop booted up and get it started (it takes about 5 minutes!).....

  • Sitting at last red light, look down and see that my shirt, a criss-cross across the chest area--has fully twisted and now is exposing half my upper *ahem* "area". Nice. Wonder how many drivers noticed me flashing them.

  • Can't get to the floor with elevator on the left. Must wait for the one on the right (remodeling ya know).

  • Still waiting.

  • Tapping foot....

  • Still waiting.

  • Sigh....take the stairs, carrying laptop bag, purse, keys (to access the door to exit the stairwell), phone and open laptop (which is still starting up).

  • Attend meeting.

  • *sleepy* Did I put on enough deodorant to be climbing stairs?

  • Working in temporary seating area during remodel....not too bad, nice to see everyone (though I do love working at home).

  • Christy-four chairs over-announces a mouse has entered her locked filing cabinet and eaten part of her Hershey's bar. Holds up chewed baggy. All women in room take in a deep breath and look around and question whether it's really a mouse....Jodi hollers out "CHECK FOR DROPPINGS!!!"

  • Droppings found. Mouse presence confirmed.

  • Go to lunch - take the wrong exit and end up driving 15 min longer than I should have. Sad.

  • Having the best wrap ever (which they stopped and then started again at my old work cafeteria) with my pal J-Mac, but the recipe has been changed and it's no longer the best wrap it's just a good wrap. Sad.

  • Head to the volunteer office to drop off supplies. Forget they moved their offices and get slightly turned around and frustrated-need to get back to work---back on the freeway! Sad.

  • Back at desk. Lots of work to do.

  • Someones manager brings in her puppy. Cute puppy!

  • Puppy poops on floor.

  • Hilarious.

  • Puppy owner rushed out with puppy. Poop still on floor.

  • *shocked*

  • Jodi picks up the poop. Yay Jodi!!! She's our hero (though beware the story of how she once protected the grain for her sheep with a pitchfork).

  • *still shocked*

  • Make poop jokes with coworkers for approximately 45 minutes.

  • Use the loo and return to find that a rubber band battle has started between the two sides of the room. Jeff is the culprit. Christy looks innocent but she's not -but luckily she turns bright red and laughs when you accuse her of anything.

  • Rubber bands everywhere.

  • Lots of work to do still.

  • Teenager calling 3 hrs before I get home to tell me he's hungry and when is dinner. Dinner is at 6pm almost every night of the week. Teenagers are forgetful.

  • Work work work.

  • Anxious about big meeting at work tomorrow, can't share the details....but it's no secret our country is in a recession.

  • Discuss with Tori about how small mice are okay, large rats are not. We are brave.

  • Shut down laptop - wait the required 6 minutes for it to shut down. Pack bag and head home to feed starving teenager.

***VERY close to 350 posts!!! Will be hosting my first ever give-away ever within the week! VERY excited at the amazing prizes I am going to give away so make sure to come back later!


  1. Nat said...:

    Dude, your life sounds so exciting! Even when you talk about things being "boring," they are totally entertaining to me. See you on Thursday- we're still on for Bingo, right?

  1. Kaylen said...:

    oh yeah-nothing is as exciting as mouse droppings and puppy poop!
    and if by bingo you mean "the night Kaylen finally wins big"-then YES we are going!

  1. Christina said...:

    My day is definately less exciting. But I have taken the wrong exit and gotten home late but now I just take the local roads or the pothole roads wtih asphalt every now and then.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    what about emailing me?

  1. TQ said...:

    ha ha ha - nice blog :) Spot on!

  1. kevin forgot said...:

    haha she doesn't have a problem hanging out in the snow!! she was actually probably looking at her puppy in the window behind me.

  1. I have days like that!!!!

    Doesn't it seem like if it is going that way, it just keeps going that way :)

  1. egan said...:

    Mice in the workplace? That's not cool. Having them at home isn't great either, but that's my problem. You sound like a damn busy person. Please tell me you don't text message in your car.


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