Octomom, Money Trees and Lots of Drugs

Here are my random thoughts on a WILD Wednesday.

Ha, just kidding--nothing wild about it.
Unless going to meetings all day and then rushing to drive the kid to music class and then rushing through the store while you wait for him and then rushing to get home so he can do the report he's put off for a week and then rushing to get the house picked up a bit and then rushing to do a whole lot of nothing before rushing to watch Lost and read a few blogs. Which is were I am now.

Here's my random thoughts:

  • I am FINALLY feeling like I am nearly better! After 12 days and about $75 on medicine and one trip to the doctor and many nights going to bed super-early and three boxes of tissues and hours wasted coughing and many irritated looks by people around me and being called Bea Arthur, I am on Recovery Road!!

  • Octomom creeps me out. She had money for a fertility doctor this time around while she was getting food stamps? And how can she claim that food stamps are not public assistance? Oh...cause she's flippin crazy. Got it. Can we please take those new babies away and give them to some loving parents who have really been desperately trying to have kids and can't for whatever reason? Is that really that unethical? Is that any more wrong than a mother living off welfare purposely having eight more babies when she has no income and lives in a 3 bedroom home that her mother pays for? I'm not so sure that anything could be worse than her decision to get pregnant in the first place. She is a circus clown. I don't like clowns.

  • Lost is the best show ever, even though it clearly has no meaning or direction. Really, what happened to the big three-toed foot statue on the island? Did the writers just forget about that?? I didn't!! I want to know where they thought they were going with it. They had things going on in the first couple seasons that they just totally dropped...it's irritating. I used to really believe that everything had a purpose and some day in the distant future I would learn what it all meant and how it all ties together. Now I really believe that the writers started out with a plan and then it got to be a successful show and they had to take a different route and they left all those little "lost" pieces behind, hoping that we would all forget. I haven't forgotten!!!

  • I turn 35 in less than 48 hours. I'm not sure I'm happy about that. I think that's edging too close to middle-aged. I would like to go back to 31 or 32 and stay that age. For an extra decade. And then I will age one year at a time. Until I turn 40, then I want two decades at that age.

  • I can't believe I am going to move into my very own home in three months!!! (or thereabouts). I mentally plan my house-warming party at least once every four hours. Is it appropriate to have a registry for the gifts I want to receive? Can I have a money tree? I can't wait to have games nights at my house! And dinner parties. And scrapbook parties! And my housewarming party!! FUN!! I'll have a virtual one too so all my blogger friends can sign up and send gifts from the registry!! I'm so nice to remember my online friends! Start saving now folks. Gifts are not optional. Maybe I'll have a webcam for my house party and then everyone can see the fun we're having. And all the great gifts I'm getting!!

  • I have three books to read. I'm not really interested in any of them and I don't think I really have time to finish them before I leave for VEGAS.

  • I have not been on my treadmill in two full weeks. Did I mention I have been sick?? I have! Hopefully tomorrow morning we'll get a little reacquainted. Just a little.


  1. Nat said...:

    I'm glad that you are starting to feel better. Also, you are totally right about the lady that had the eight babies... does she just try to ignore the fact that she already has children and she can't provide for them? I don't care if people have a lot of children, just as long as they are cared for and loved... Plus, she seems to be one crayon short of a box if you know what I'm saying. :) Happy almost birthday!

  1. Christina said...:

    Glad that you are finally feeling beter after a mountain of tissues.

    I agree about the octo-mom, her behavior shokes me and it is heartbreaking for the kids who will suffer.

    Happy early b'day.

  1. IIDLYYCKMA said...:

    35 is an amazing birthday -- you be in your sexual prime:) Happy Early Birthday:)

    Grats on moving into a new house!

    And god don't get me started on the Octo mom.

  1. monkey said...:

    i planted a money tree for you today. we'll see what happens. ;-)

  1. Kaylen said...:

    @Nat: Ha-the crayon box analogy is perfect for her!

    Thanks Christina and IIDL...

    Monkey you're the best!! :) Keep me posted on how it's growing.

  1. Michelle said...:

    Ooh, happy birthday! Hope it's a great one.

    I love your plans for your new house. I so want to do games nights. Maybe when the kids are older.

    I thought that when they decided on when Lost is finishing that they would take these next few seasons to answer questions and put the puzzle pieces together, but I have not seen this happening as yet. I will keep watching, but the grumbling about it won't stop!

  1. kilax said...:

    Octomom creeps me out as well. She just makes me feel so... sad.

    I think you could get away with a registry for the house-warming party. You know your friends well enough to know if they'd be cool with it :)


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