Quiznos Subs and I Are Not Friends!!!

I have just had a traumatizing experience at Quiznos.
Tell me if this makes me sound like I’m a crazy woman:

I ordered a sandwich for my son, a large roast beef something or other.
And I also ordered a small chicken something or other for myself.

And said NO bacon.


I said it twice because he didn’t fully acknowledge me the first time. So the second time I said it, he looked up and said, Okay.

Perfect…then I watched him start the sandwich for the carnivore. He picked out the meat, put it in the little hot vat of grease cup and then got the bread ready. Let me elaborate---he used his gloved hands, picked through a container of roast beef and selected an amount that looked correct, then dug through the container a little more and picked out a couple extra pieces and added them to the scale.

Then he scooped up the blob of beef –with his hands – and dropped it in the grease, using a finger to push some of the meat off the edges into the grease.

Then it sizzled and cooked or whatever roast beef does in hot grease and then my Quiznos friend used his gloved hand to pull out the greasy meat, still dripping greasy goodness.

And he puts it on the bread, spreads it out (with his gloved hands) and then adds the rest of the food products and looks up to me and says: what type of bread with the chicken sandwich. I said wheat…and then swallowed long and hard as I watched him pick up my bread….with the same greasy roast beef drippiness gloves.


For those of you who don’t know yet…I do not eat meat other than chicken. And maybe fish. And only certain fish. And only chicken and certain fish without bones of any kind or skin product attached. I’m not weird!! I’M NOT!! I’m just a failed vegetarian. Whatever, I can admit it.
Okay---so I walked away and didn’t watch the guy and swallowed my frustration on the roast beef grease all over my sandwich….but then it comes out of the little grill thing and guess what I see under the melted cheese?


Remember when I repeated NO bacon twice AND he acknowledged it? And then I walked away and no more than 120 seconds later and he added bacon!!!!
And after I was nice enough not to ask him to change his nasty greasy gloves???
THIS is how he repays me??

We are NOT friends.
Sorry Quiznos-man….we are not hanging out, we are not going to text each other, and you are no longer allowed to make my sandwiches.

K, so this is where it gets even better – as the sandwiches are strolling through the grill thing, she rings up my order. Then---not putting on any gloves, she starts to wrap the sandwiches as they come out of the grill. Her hands are not REALLY touching the food, she slides them onto the paper and then does a flip-wrap-spin thing, but still…gloves are good. But whatever, I bite my tongue on that too.

I tell the girl pulling the sandwich out of the grill: oh, it looks like there’s bacon.
She looks at it and says, Yes, there is.
I said, I asked for no bacon, I can’t eat bacon. (and okay, technically I CAN…but I don’t feel like it’s really an option)

And guess what Quiznos-girl does next? She starts to pull out the bacon particles from amongst the MELTED cheese. WITH HER BARE FINGERS!!!
You know how cheese melts and it gets all gooey and it’s not like a layer you can lift up? Well, this cheese was no super-cheese, it went EXACTLY like expected. She started pulling off cheesy bacon bits and I stopped her and said “nononono---that’s not going to work” – VERY friendly and with a smile an she just looked at me.
Then she wiped her fingers on a towel sitting next to the sink. Sigh.

I told her—I just want my money back, no sandwich please. And she says, oh no-we’ll just make you another. And I see the five people who had walked in just after me and started ordering and repeat to her-no thanks, just my money back.

But she doesn’t know how to do that so Quiznos-man has to come over and he says “I’ll just make you another one” and I repeated, no thanks…and he said nothing else and just pulled a $5.00 bill out and pushed it my way.

I don’t want to be one of those far-out vegan-esque people who can not eat any meal anywhere because they have such rigid desires, but I think that meats shouldn’t touch.

AND then I started thinking---I think they heat my chicken meat up in the greasy hot cup thingy too!!! And I really doubt they have separate containers for separate meats. So my chicken would have been bubbling up in the roast beef oil? Ick. I don’t like that.

Most importantly: I ask of you - Am I asking too much by thinking he should change gloves when handling different meats? I think that might be a law...

It's been pointed out to me before (via my Red Lobster All You Can Eat posting) that I am never allowed to complain about restaurants, food prepared by others or wait staff because I have never worked in a food-serving position and apparently it's hard---but that doesn't change the fact that they still have to do a safe and good job!! I do my job well almost every time -- shouldn't they?? Ugh, frustrating.


  1. Nat said...:

    EWW!!! That is DISGUSTING! I totally agree with you, that is totally wrong. Although, I may be bias because I really think it is gross when the people at Subway wear the same gloves to make my sandwich as the ones they used to make someone else's where they touched mayo and mustard and shit. BLECH! Then, if that's not enough, I always CRINGE when I see them cut my sandwich with the very same knife they used to cut the other condiment filled sandwich, therefore getting all their crap on mine. GROSS! I'm with ya sister!

  1. Christina said...:

    That is revolting. I need a dose of purell now.

    I am glad that you got your money back!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I agree, slightly disgusting. Mostly the part of her trying to remove the bacon. If that was the best solution she could think of I would rather remove it with my own grimy fingers, not hers!

    I must mention an interesting article or was it on NPR (whatever) about parents these days and "Purell" type hand sanitizers (Nick and I refer to them as hanitizers thanks to the cutest little girl). They said that parents have become so obsessed with these little bottles of hanitizer and use them 20 times a day on their children and in turn their kids are not able to fight off common sicknesses. And then I got to thinking about some of the germophobes that I know who are constantly using that shiat and they ALWAYS have colds it seems. I think it is directly related.

    Now I'm not saying that I don't have some germophobe tendencies, I do, but I'm just sayin' it seems like we've gone a little overboard on some things.

    But I am still in total agreement about glove wearing at fast food restaurants.

  1. kilax said...:

    You can complain. I worked in fast food for 5 years. Those kids don't care. I worked hard to get them to care (I was a manager) and it doesn't happen.

    I am a vegetarian and would have done the same. I probably would have said something right away. I've had lots of problems with this at sandwich shops. People don't get it, but sometimes they will accomodate you if you ask in advance... even if you think it's common sense! ;)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yep, gross.

    I manage a deli part-time, and if any of my staff did ANY of the things you mentioned (let alone ALL of them), they'd be written up without a single hesitation.


  1. I am not a vegetarian but it does bug me when they do stuff like that. Mainly if I order a ham/bacon sandwich, I don't want turkey/chicken taste with it. This is just an example but I just think my ham sandwich should taste like a ham sandwich.


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