The Sociology of Addictions

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I love blogs. Maybe because I'm nosy?
I prefer to think it's "curiosity."

I am a sociology major. Sociology, as I explained to my family every semester in college, is the Study of Human Behavior or Society.

And so when I read every blog I click on, I like to believe that I'm really just continuing on in my chosen field of study. I am studying other cultures and other familial units and random people in random situations. I am taking notes and learning and analyzing society.

Or I'm just really nosy and I like to read about other peoples lives for no other reason than I'm NOSY!!!

These are things that fascinate me:
(wow-another list!! I feel like all I do lately is make lists!)

  1. Parenting, in particular single parent families. Even more especially-former single moms who are no longer single moms.

  2. Reality tv "stars" - it's almost like a subculture of our society, there are just SO many of them these days. There almost is no line between celebrity and "us" anymore because you have all these tv shows making people quasi-famous and they become a celebrity of sorts (think of the disgusting Heidi and even more disgusting Spencer, the worst actors EVER who are suddenly somewhat famous for pretending they are doing a reality show??).

  3. Cats & Dogs. Maybe more fascinated by dogs because I don't have one. I especially love reading about these dogs.

  4. Psychos and sociopaths. I was fascinated with them before...but then I was actually engaged to one and that was pretty fascinating in itself. Someday I'll share that story and you will all be fascinated as well.

  5. Travel. I would like to travel every three months for two weeks all year. And then maybe every five years, I'll go somewhere for a full two months.

  6. Geeky people. I have no preference or reasoning on what geeky people I read about, just geeky people in general.

  7. People I know, like Alison (who only blogged for a week, but I was excited to read it) and Tori from work. I like to hear things about them or their thoughts that I otherwise might not...nosy, NO. Curious, yet.

  8. People who started a home business and aren't making a ton of money, but are making a fun and cute product and are happy and proud of it. I wish I could do this.

  9. People who know people who are famous in some random way. One of the guys I went to high school with was best friends with the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Death Cab for Cutie. That's very cool.

  10. Squirerels

I'm STUDYING people.

It's not being nosy.

It's not.
I have a very hefty college loan to prove it.

And only 3 posts left til my big 3-5-0!!!! Are you excited??? Me TOO!!!


  1. monkey said...:

    you were engaged to a pyscho or a sociopath? and you were intrigued by this? you would have loved my childhood.

  1. Kaylen said...:

    well, I certainly wasn't intrigued by it while I was living through it, but looking back at it-I recognize that it was fascinating. Because crazy people are interesting from a distance.

  1. kilax said...:

    I am super nosy, *cough*, I mean, curious, too ;) Especially if I know a blogger in person. Then I interpret things completely differently!

    Ha ha, I am also 71% addicted. I can't say I've blown off a deadline to blog ;)

  1. egan said...:

    I've never understood the appeal of The Hills. Who wants to watch a fake reality tv show? It seems very odd.

    Found you via my good friend Essentially Me.

  1. Joy said...:

    I fit #1 on your list and know many geeky people. I also qualify for other situations not on your list. I, too, enjoy sociology and pop culture which is cultural anthropology while it's happening. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like yours.

  1. TQ said...:

    I'm very curious about others as well :) And glad I made it into your blog!! I love reading about other people's thoughts... as long as they want to share, I'm all ears!

  1. Michelle said...:

    Apparently I'm 77% addicted to blogging. I'm surprised the number wasn't higher!

    I'm super-nosy as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way. I'll be back.


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