The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Book Review

Has anyone heard of Haruki Murakami?
I am just in the beginning of what is called his best piece of work: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

Haruki is a Japanese author who I learned of about 5 years ago with a book called Kafka on the Shore. GREAT book.

This is what the author said about it:
Murakami states that the secret to understanding the novel lies in reading it multiple times: "Kafka on the Shore contains several riddles, but there aren't any solutions provided. Instead, several of these riddles combine, and through their interaction the possibility of a solution takes shape. And the form this solution takes will be different for each reader. To put it another way, the riddles function as part of the solution. It's hard to explain, but that's the kind of novel I set out to write".

And that's how he writes---when you read his books, it's like you are piecing together a puzzle.
Sometimes books are translated to English and they lose a bit of their meaning but I haven't felt that with any of Murakami's books (yet). The books are almost lyrical...sometimes on the edge of okay okay-enough descriptive words already, but things just flow together and it's not always noticeable. Maybe that's part of the translation process? But he writes well. It reads well. They are enjoyable books.

This is the kind of book that I would read at the beach if I want more than just a fluff story. It's not the kind of book I would read at a doctor's office waiting room or while on a field trip with a second grade class. You don't have to really isolate yourself, but...well, you need to give it some attention. It's not fluff reading. Easy reading, yes. Not fluff though.

I would recommend any of his books without reading them, as the 1.5 books of his I have read have been awesome. I thought I had read another of his, but I can't find the name of it and it's not listed in the amazon directory so maybe I'm confusing him with another puzzling-type Japanese male writer.... I really wish I had a list of every book I've ever read ever. My whole life.
I would love to take that list and sort by genre, and number of pages, and date published, and date I finished it. I would have pie charts and tables and maybe a small binder of data to review. On my imaginary lifetime reading list, I would also have ratings, so three of five stars or whatever I felt it deserved. Then when someone asked about a book, I could go to my binder and see how many stars, how long ago I read it and maybe a comments section as well. Hmm...maybe I'll look into this.

I'm sure there must be a software somewhere that can do this....anyone know of it? If not---back off----cause I'm going to make one!!!


  1. mom said...:

    let me know when you get your software done--I would love to keep track of the books I have read with a rating system

  1. kilax said...:

    Oh, I bet there is software like that. Excel makes nice graphs too if you want to make a spreadsheet.

    That style of writing sounds very interesting. I can't think of any novel I have read that is a "riddle" like that. I will have to add his books to my ever growing list of books to borrow from the library!

  1. monkey said...:

    i love love love murakami.
    'kafka on the shore' is most definitely my favorite but i'm a tad bit partial to 'norwegian wood' as well.
    if i could ever write a book as good as he does...well, i would be a japanese man, i suppose.

  1. Michelle said...:

    Haruki Murakami is one of my favourite authors. I've read as many of his books as I can but I'm sure I've missed something.

    I read this book while I was in the hospital. I was nil by mouth for about 10 days and this book kept me company!

  1. Slyde said...:

    wow, that certainly sounds interesting...

    maybe i'll give him a shot after im done reading "a song of ice and fire"

  1. Kaylen said...:

    @mom: You'll be my test subject for the software!

    @kilax: I love love love excel and all the magic it does so easily!! I think that would be the fastest and simplest route...

    ha, silly monkey!

    @michelle: ten days with no food and you still could follow along with Haruki? That's talent!

    @slyde: I LOVE that series almost as much as any I have ever read!! Those are great books. I am so tired of waiting for the last book to be released-it's been pushed out a LONG time!


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