The Biggest Loser Has Lost Me

I used to love this show.

And then that demon-like crazy lady, Jillian Michaels, creeped me out one too many times. She just has a mean mean face and I don't feel motivated by her meanness. And she has supposedly lost a TON of weight in the past and that's part of the reason she's such a *fabulous* trainer on the show, because she can really relate to the fatties (that's not an insult!) - but why can't I find those fat pictures of Jillian Michaels anywhere??? Shouldn't they be promoting the before and after pictures of this very athletic, inspirational mean trainer? I think they should. I hear her workout video is great...for people who respond well to mean voices. Also, I hear it's a really intense video but made supposedly for all training levels....I don't know how this is possible. As an overweight person myself, I can not just jump into an intense, high-level training program. I will last about 12 minutes before one of my knees gives out. They just aren't made to support my weight while doing intense workouts. Sorry mean Jillian Michaels - I won't be the latest fatty you take under your wing to try and make cry (and I know you would like that!).

Another reason this show is bothersome lately - and by lately, I mean the last 2 years or so - the not-so-subtle advertisements for particular products. Such as, they will show the fatty blue team sitting down to eat and they have a plate with some yummy grilled chicken (my favorite) and some kind of rice or something. They are chatting quietly amongst themselves. Cue sweet, cute, gay trainer Bob. Lovely Bob....he's wonderful....but he walks in the door and makes a comment about their dinner missing something important and walks to the freezer, pulls out a steamer bag of veggies of some sort and then does a 30 second commercial for this GREAT and AMAZING product that is soooooo convenient and healthy and easy and he holds it up to everyone and you can almost see this little sparkle on his teeth as he smiles at the camera. It's disgusting. Why do you agree to this, Bob??

Ugh, and the gum commercials?? Give me a breeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaak! Does anyone believe that these casual conversations are real? They are so fake and I feel like I have lost brain cells by them pretending that it's not a blatant product placement ad. Ugh. Thanks anyway, Biggest Loser. We're smarter than that. I'm not chewing gum anymore EVER just because of YOU!!! (well, and my little tmj issue which prevents me fr ever having gum again)

I really like the competitions though. They are usually pretty fun and entertaining and I find THOSE nice to watch while I'm walking with my poor fat knees on the treadmill (which I'm not doing tonight - we actually just had an ice cream bar-lame!).

Oh - and someone reminded me of my 52-week challenge of photos..which I am slightly failing at....the problem is that sometimes I don't DO anything where I would take a photo. The kid was busy with friends and tons of homework and I have been working at night and then worked a good share of the weekend as well. What is the point of a picture of me on the couch with my laptop? But here's one that I took of myself in my mirror...boring.

This looks like I have a hairy chest....gross. See the hair?? You'd think I would fix my hair first, right? Nope - this is REAL LIFE, baby. Sometimes, when you have long hair, it doesn't always lay just perfectly in the right spot. Well, mine doesn't anyway. I know some people who can say theirs does, but mine has proven to be fairly untameable. And I didn't edit out that double-chin, but I'll point it out so ya'll know that I know about it.

Here's a little better one:

Look how happy I am that my double-chin is gone! Unfortunately, this one makes me realize how very caterpillar-like my eyebrows are! I don't think this is really the point of me taking pictures.....


  1. Christina said...:

    You are looking good!

    I have never watched the Biggest Loser, It is a show that I can't get into it.

  1. Kristen said...:

    I think your pictures look good.

    There was a meme going around for you to take a photo as soon as you got the prep work

  1. kilax said...:

    Cute pic! I love your smile!

    I received a magazine a few months ago that showed one of Jillian's before photos. I've only seen the show once. I was annoyed watching it once. BUT, I did jump on the bandwagon and get her 30 Day Shred DVD. She makes me crazy, but it is an intense 20 minute workout that I think most people could do :)

  1. Cute Pic!!!

    I have never watched the biggest loser so I don't know much about Jillian. I saw her on a talk show once and she was a bit intense.


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