Dance Dance Revolution-ize Your Dancing

As part of my initial plan for the year 2009, I am exercising more. I have a treadmill that I have bonded with fairly well over the last 4 months, though it's not getting the mileage it should-it's not fully neglected and it's nowhere near coat-hanger-status (exercise equipment isn't for holding coats anyway---that's what the kitchen chairs are for!!).

SO - my latest excursion for staying motivated and keeping things fun: Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii!! I LOVE to dance and can do so for hours, love it. I might not be that great, but I can let loose and have fun and I don't think I fully embarrass myself (maybe just a little). Dancing is FUN - the energy from the crowd, the lights, the loud bass from the non-stop's just FUN. And everyone on the dance floor is suddenly really great friends! It's totally acceptable for strangers to dance with strangers. It's sometimes acceptable for strangers to slightly rub up against a stranger, in public, with little concern about whether it is acceptable...because you're DANCING!!! I love it.

And so this new game is great, right?

For those of you who don't know (who are you?? how do you not know???) - it comes with a mat and it tells you to move your foot left right forward backward at a certain time. Easy, right? NO! It's really NOT easy.

And then the Wii can't be normal, of course, so they make you hold their little corded handles and actually make hand motions at certain times too. It seems very particular about when you have to do it, whereas I feel the foot movements are easier to get exact, I tended to just swing my hands around a lot, which is not the most effective way to win the game.

(not me)

This game is a great workout--just like real dancing. You can do super-beginner level and it goes at a snails pace..which I tried and hated, because it's toooooooooo slow.
Then the normal beginner level is fun - it involves faster movement and jumping - jumping! I don't remember doing a lot of jumping on the dance floor - maybe to the obligatory Beastie Boys song at the end of the night, but this game really likes jumping. Jumping is great cardio, as I came to find out.

I like the game - it's truly a workout, especially if you are not fit already (which I am not, for sure), but I am most definitely not good at this game.
This is why:
It's NOT DANCING!!!! It's an aerobic workout, it's set to music, and the characters on the screen are dancing, but it's NOT DANCING!!!
I am not good at this because I go from thinking: Left, Left, Left & Right, Up, Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, Up & Down thinking: I love this part,, I'm dancing, Oh yeah!
And then I'm spinning in a circle and I'm doing a little shudder shake and I'm maybe attempting a little running man (which I can't do) and a little bus driver (which I can do)...and oops, suddenly, my character on the screen is not dancing and just staring agape at me with her mouth open and the pretend audience is booing me.

Booing ME??? sigh. I can't take this pressure.

I kept at it for 40 minutes though - it's a fun game and a great workout. It will be even more fun when I move into my house, have a game room, have one extra dance party mat and have three friends over.

Hopefully by then I will be able to get through four songs without drenching myself in sweat and being booed through all three of the songs.


  1. julia said...:

    LOL - I wouldn't booo at you :) Sounds fun and hey, It's your groove. Let the character stare. lol

  1. almost loved said...:

    I can't "dance" on this thing. I just plain suck at it. I'm very uncoordinated. But it really is a great workout though! I don't know how those people on youtube do it. For example:

  1. Michelle said...:

    I'm not a dancer. And I've heard of this game but only vaguely. What exactly is a bus driver?

    'I can't take this pressure' Hilarious!

  1. Christina said...:

    Fun, I have not turne don my wii fit because I don't want to gte yelled at by the board.

  1. Nat said...:

    You crack me up! I totally want to come have a dance party with you. Running man is one of my go-to moves. Hah! I'm pretty sure 20 year olds are not supposed to have that as their go-to move, but it has been mine since I was like 15. The sprinkler is great too. :) We need to get together soon. I leave for California tomorrow and don't get back until next week, but we need to find time!

  1. kilax said...:

    I can't wait to try it! I bet it will kick my butt!


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