Interactive Giveaway Coming...Prizes Galore!!!

I have some lovely gifts, purchased from Target for those of you who LOVE Target as much as me, that I am ready to put into a giveaway!!

However, I don't "do" the normal giveaways, if you remember the last one....we don't pull numbers from a hat in my house. Nope, we are a house of special, creative people (all two of us).

This giveaway actually comes from an idea sparked by Tim the Mortgage Guy, who was a winner in the last drawing.

Tim would like the drawing to be similar to the old game show "Let's Make a Deal." LOVE that show.

I haven't quite figured out all the logistics, but there will be three options, all sealed and secured and confidential about what prize is in what "door."

And there will be three winners - but they won't know what they win....
And I haven't figured out beyond that.

Contest starts on Friday evening, runs through Wednesday night.

Get ready to play!!! Tell all your friends!!!!


  1. San said...:

    This is exciting! I am curious how you're going to do this ;)

  1. Portland Rose said...:

    I hate teasers!!!!!! I want to play NOW!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hi! Just party hopping and participating too so stop in for a visit.

  1. kilax said...:

    Yay! I'm excited! You know I'm a Target lover :)

  1. Okay so what are you going to make me do? Perhaps film a video of my AWESOME dancing skillz and then submit it?

    not that i would do that. i wouldn't want to embarrass you by how awesome i dance

  1. hehe you crack me up!!! I am horrible at lets make a deal :) I always loved Monty though!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    What a great idea!! That Tim, so cleaver!

    I'm in!

    Tim the Mortgage Guy


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