Random Thoughts on a Lazy Sunday

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  • Sometimes I don't want to do anything at all. So I sit on the couch with the laptop and read blogs for two hours. And then I get a cramp in my booty and I have to do some kind of movement or I think I might just melt into the couch. How long does it take to get bed sores from sitting? Hopefully more than two hours.
  • I've started packing a little bit, though I haven't come close to finding any houses to buy. To say I'm discouraged is putting it mildly. I am going to consider moving outside the school zone and having the kid drive to school-the houses here are ridiculously priced and I'm highly irritated about this city and everyone and everything in it.
  • I love love love Act II Microwave Kettle Corn. LOVE it. And that is probably a big contributor to me gaining 15 pounds the year I moved back from Korea. LOVE it. I especially love it with peanut m&m's. Take about 3 or 4 pieces of the kettle corn, add one peanut m&m-chew and enjoy. It's the best.
  • I think it's incredibly rude when you text a friend: Hey and the response you get back is: Yes?
    Am I wrong here? Doesn't this response make it seem like you have to have a reason to text them? And it's someone I text frequently about anything/everything.
  • I visited my friend and her new little baby yesterday. I adore her. She's just a super-cute little baby and I want to hug her and squeeze her forever. She is just under four months old, but she smiled and smiled and smiled, and then the smiling exhausted her and she did this (which was just as cute) the entire time her mom and I had lunch:
  • I wish I had one of those bit trees in the corner of the room in a big planter. When I move to my new house (if this ever happens), one of the first things I'm buying is a big planted tree. And I'm going to name it and love it and it's not going to die like all the other plants I bring home. It's not. It will be the happiest planted tree ever.
  • I'm still slightly irritated with the texting conversation above.
  • I found five ants in my bathroom this morning. Five. All spread out, like they were doing a recon mission. In the bathroom?? Really?? Did you take a wrong turn somewhere, little guys? You are probably looking for the syrup that I hid from you all and I can assure you-there is NOTHING for you in the bathroom. However, if you make a left outside the bathroom and go down the hall, I bet there's some food products in the kids carpet (though we have a no food in the bedroom rule, I suspect someone hasn't followed it 100%). I sprayed them with hair spray and they all withered and went on to ant spirit world, which is full of big bowls of syrup. You're welcome little guys.
  • I must get off this couch.
  • My contest has so few comments - is it really a contest if I end up just giving away prizes to the only three people who have commented? Seriously---where are all my commenting blogger friends? I had a very complex giveaway planned!!!


  1. Michelle said...:

    Four months old, how adorable. (I don't even feel broody!)

    Ants. Never good inside the house.

    I have this friend who I email all the time, about everything and this friend is usually really good about responding but occasionally Friend responds to a really long email with one sentence, maybe even one word. Drives me up the wall.

    I sometimes go through that whole 'I'm sure I could a plant alive thing' but I will not give in to it.

    Would love to enter your giveaway! I so would, especially if I still lived in Oregon, but the international thing keeps me from it. Good luck though. I was thinking of doing a small giveaway as part of my new project that I blogged about this morning but I haven't made up my mind.

    I'm doing something different every day for the month of April! So excited. Now I must really think of something INTERESTING to do every day otherwise it will into a borefest.

  1. San said...:

    Hahaha, I hear you about the butt cramp. Happens to me sometimes and it tells me I've been surfing the Internet for too long ;)

  1. San said...:

    P.S. I was thinking: Hey, when there are not as many commenters on your giveaway post as on the last time you did this, maybe I have a chance of winning a prize this time :) Usually I never win anthing.

  1. W Jackson said...:

    This is very interesting. I do the same thing as far as on the laptop randomingly doing nothing. It's really something, but nothing for real. I sometimes get stuck to the sofa and it makes that strange noise when I try to get up. My house is on a antfarm I believe. Be happy that they were only in the bathroom and it was 5. I have had ants in the kitchen, closet, washroom, bathroom, base boards, you name they have been there. I have sprayed, hopefully it will work. I haven't seen them in a while.

    Thanks for commenting! I wasn't aware until now. How did you find me? Somewhat new to the blogging, but finding my way around. It gives me a way to release and express. Thanks again!

  1. You need to get in on The Un Mom's Random Tuesday Thoughts! She does exactly this and links up the others who take her badge. This could also generate you some hits on your contest of awesome proportions!

  1. Anne said...:

    Your kettle corn and M&Ms sound delicious. I think I may have to go downstairs and get a snack now.

    I am not a texter so I know nothing about texting etiquette. I find it annoying when people text me at all.

    Four months is so cute! The baby is adorable and sounds very well behaved.

  1. ewwww

    that would have pissed me right off.

    i probably would have texted back never fucking mind!


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