What's That Beeping Noise?

Oh, it's my happy-meter going off....because my happiness has dropped a wee bit.

One of my coworkers has been let go. It's someone I have worked quite a bit with in the last six months I've been in my current position. It's so sad - we were JUST talking about how nervous we both are about losing our jobs and we both reassured each other that we are necessary and valued...and then he was let go the next morning.

I definitely have a touch of survivors guilt - I still have my job. He does not. It's hard to accept that he is no longer there. He was also the only male on our team at our location - how he coped with that is beyond me. He was fun, he was funny, he was a good guy, and now I won't be working with him.

And to make matters worse, it looks like I'll be taking on part of his position. More guilt. My job is shifting and now I have the fear of the unknown as my job is no longer the same job I started (I have to remind myself that I didn't seek out this job so it's not like I even applied for the job I have out of love for the position - they came to me with the job and I magically loved it).

I'm accepting of the fact that my career is moving in another direction slightly, but a little anxious about what will come of it. And all I really keep telling myself is "at least I have a job, at least I have a job, at least I have a job."


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yes, I too live by the "at least I have a job" motto.
    Good luck with the transition.

  1. April said...:

    Sorry to hear about your friend, but glad that it wasn't you! Keep up the mantra. I chant it to myself all the time, too!

  1. Nicole said...:

    So sorry, but keep your head up, you still have a job right?!!! It will all get better.

  1. Christina said...:

    That sucks. Survivor guilt is the worst because you never know if you are next and what your new responsibilites are going to be.

    Good luck!

  1. Alison said...:

    Poor "J" But good for you for having a job! YAY jobs!

  1. kilax said...:

    This is so hard. I would feel that same guilt - happy to be there, but sad it was him to go. Did you let him know how you feel? Will you keep in touch?


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