Where Did We Go Wrong, Kirk?

Oh, Kirk....what happened to us?

Remember back when I took this photo of you with your fedora hat and your fun little smile? I think we were joking around about which one of us should wear the hat in the picture. I wish I had the picture I had of me in the hat to go with this one...I'll have to see if my mom has it in a family album...

I used to love this sweater. I remember when we picked it out together at Target. You used to LOVE wandering the aisles of Target, remember? You always marvelled at all the little travel sizes of everything and we would pick up one of each and then line them up on a table in the housewares section. Ha - those were good times. Target always reminds me of you.

Then, remember you got on that one tv show....Growing Pains. Sigh...it did cause us growing pains. Being apart was hard, wasn't it? I missed you SO much - my wall was covered with pictures of you. We lost touch and then one day, in response to the long, teen-angst filled letter I sent you about our marriage plans, I got THIS in the mail:
A standard-issue stock autographed picture of you that you probably didn't sign yourself at ALL!!! What happened to us Kirk??

We were going to be Kirk and Kaylen. K&K4EVER - sound familiar???

What happened to 4 EVER, Kirk?? Did you forget??? How could you forget???

I didn't forget Kirk! Girls don't forget when boys make hearts on paper and write this and then fold it in that secret teenager way (that I no longer remember how to do) that makes a full 8.5x11 piece of paper into a small triangle that fits unnoticed in your front pocket.

And I even had to lie to my parents about the $8.50 phone call to information to try and get your phone number. This is how that went:

Operator: What city please?
Me: Panorama City, California

Operator: What listing please?
Me: Robert Cameron

Operator: One moment please....
Me: (secretly celebrating that I have out-smarted the telephone company and
4 million fans)

3 minutes later (at $2.99 a minute)

Operator: You are looking for a Robert Cameron located in Panorama City,
Me: Yes, thank you.

Operator: I'm sorry, miss, but the listing for Robert Cameron, father of
KIRK CAMERON the actor, is unlisted. Do you have any other names you would like
us to look up?
Me: sigh...no thank you.

I really, really missed you and all of our future plans Kirk.
***Another giveaway coming up!!! Stay tuned! ***


  1. Amanda said...:

    LOL! I wasn't crazy about him but now you've got me wondering what happen to him after all these years.

  1. Christina said...:

    I was not a huge fan of him but remember all his pull outs in Bob and Teen beat!

  1. Portland Rose said...:

    He makes Christian movies now so it was probably all for the best, knowing you Kaylen. I still love him...he was obviously cheating on you with me!

  1. Coach Laura said...:

    Hi there! Kirk was just in a movie called Fireproof. I hear it's good.

  1. Debz said...:

    I'm just about to watch Fireproof actually!

    Found you via the blog party, nice to meet you! Have a great week. Pop by and say hello if you get a chance.


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