Bingo sucks

that's all.

Lazy Blogging Continues - Random Tuesday Thoughts


Um, Tuesday again?? Really? Am I the lamest blogger ever that I can't come up with a normal blog post and I just kind of ride the week out until Tuesday comes? Maybe. I'll add color so I'm not so lame.

I watched this show about people who won millions - the good stories, not the ones who blew it all and became drug addicts, though I've seen that show too. One of the families lost their 4-year old to cancer and soon after, they went on a road trip and stopped by a casino to eat-they played a few slot machines and BAM ---won 4.4 million dollars!! And then they opened up a foundation at the hospital where their son was at for most of his short life. Just normal people, touched by a tragedy who came into a ton of money and did good things with it. They also reported on the lunch ladies who really just enjoy life now, most of them still work as lunch ladies.

Do you all know about the Dugger family? They have 18 kids. Wait, typo? NO! EIGHTEEN kids. That's about sixteen too many really. I don't think they are mormon. They also named all 18 (NOT a typo!!!) kids with names starting with J, like the dad, who is Jim Bob. Seriously, I laughed out loud just writing that because it doesn't seem like something that would be real, but it supposedly is. It totally creeps me out. They aren't real people, I just don't see that this is a family of humans. They creep me out. Sorry Dugger family. I'm sure you are very nice, but your J-names and your 36 legs are creeping me out!! Jebediah is one of the kids names and that name gives me chills. Sorry to all the Jebediah's out there - it's not personal. Your name just creeps me out. EIGHTEEN kids!!! I'm not kidding!!! From ONE woman (who sounds like Smurfette)-it's not like it's a blended family. No, Jim Bob just has some serious sperm. Jim Bob sperm creeps me out.

My teenager got his license today. Please move off the street if you see him coming, as I would really appreciate if we could all make it less likely that he might get in a car accident. We have Geico insurance and I have recently heard some really negative feedback on how Geico responds to accident claims. I'm not changing insurances right now, so do the right thing everyone---let the teen have the road to himself.

This evening I bought 11 plants for $10.00 from someone on Craigslist. I took Natalie along in case they turned out to be killers. They weren't and I got some nice plants!! The only issue with my new healthy and hearty plants is that they are all in pots that do not have the bottom drain thingy. I have no idea how to deal with this. One of my plants is like this and I just keep it on a plate at all times. I hate this. Another is like this and has a little plastic thing it sits in always. I hate that also. Is there really not a better solution??

I filled another three boxes today. You can't tell. I still have a bunch of boxes everywhere and I don't really feel like I'm close to being done. I have just 3.5 weeks left til we move-LOVE it.

I had a cup of tater tots and half of a booster juice for dinner. I think that's a fairly balanced meal right?

Can brownie mix still be okay if it expired 3 years ago?

I'm in the last of the Lord John book series. If you know of Lord John, you know of the series. If you don't - you're missing out!!!

The View from the Couch

I love boxes.
I love big ones.
I love small ones.
I love long ones.
I love short ones.
I love fruit boxes.
I love UPS boxes.
I love wine boxes.
I love paper boxes best of all.
I just love boxes.
Boxes are great.

And if you have any extra, please send them my way-thanks!

Random Thoughts Tuesday


I find the show What Not to Wear offensive. Isn't style loosely based on personal opinion? So who are these people to say that a particular persons style is simply not acceptable? So much so that they ambush them intervention style and show videos of them in various outfits and then tear them apart for particular things they are wearing. I have never made it through a full episode because I get so irritated that the two hosts are so condescending towards other people.

Yes, I love that they give away $5000 for a new wardrobe. I would love that. But is there a way to do this show without tearing apart someone's personal look? The episode I started watching today is about a girl who has a bit of an eclectic style of clothing, the majority of which she bought at thrift stores. I personally think that's great -- recycle and reuse, right? It's not my personal style, but it's hers and that's great. But the hosts are not accepting of it. They talked poorly about her picking clothes from thrift stores and then attacked some of her favorite outfits. This just bothers me. You can offer tips on dressing better and using your style to come across more professional or whatever but ....ugh....I can't even talk about it anymore. It's just infuriating to me.

I watched a movie today called Standard Operating Procedure, which is about the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. It interviewed the people who were in the "torture" pictures that were spread around the world in 2004. It was really enlightening and most of it made a lot of sense and I felt better about the whole scandal, but some of the comments the people made were just ridiculous.

For example,one of the girls is featured in a photo with a dead body and she is giving the camera a thumbs up and smiling. Her explanation of that was that she is never comfortable with what she should do with her hands and she ALWAYS gives a thumbs up in photos. Hmmm...really? Even over corpses? Not really buying it...but there was a lot of insight given to other photos and the history of what really happened. The main guy is in jail for ten years and he was not interviewed, but it seems pretty clear that he was the problem child-they showed videos of him setting up the photos. He's not so great.

Today I made a beef stew for Andrew. The beef was on sale and we had carrots and onions and celery leftover so it seemed like a great, cheap meal to make...and then Alison reminded me that typically people don't like hot stew on a hot day. Oops. Meat eaters are weird, how am I supposed to know all their rules??

And I was busy adding spices that I know nothing about and don't have any real idea on what goes well with what, and went to pour some rosemary into the crockpot and, know how some spices have tops with little holes in the top and some are just wide open....well I don't know which ones have which and was feeling pretty excited about being a good mom and making a great dinner.....and then I look down to see about a half cup of rosemary on the top of the ingredients. Isn't there a saying about never having enough rosemary? No? I didn't think I spooned the majority of it out. I guess it turned out okay, Andrew's eating it, but that doesn't say that much (cause he's a teenage boy). I served it with little mini pita pockets and he's making little pitas with carrots and beef. Super cute.

We grilled chicken the other day and I served it over lettuce and had tomatoes, avocado, sauteed onions and mushrooms and a bit of bbq sauce on top. Doesn't that sound yummy??? I loved it!! I could eat it twice a week at least. Andrew had bbq'd hamburgers with the same toppings. Yummy!!

Now that I own my beautiful little house (almost), I am cutting corners. AND since I'm going to have this beautiful spacious kitchen to cook in, I'm energized to cook more! Good stuff all around!

I absolutely LOVE The Office. I wish it was on every day. It's seriously the best show out there-if you're not watching it, you're missing out. You are!!!

Is anyone else watching Love of Money 2 but feel pained by it every time? It's really horrible. I can't stop watching. It's like visiting another culture, but one that is horrifying. So horrifying that you can't help but watch it.

In watching the basketball playoffs just now, I was CERTAIN I heard the reporter and the player she's interviewing talking about "bowel trouble." Funny. I rewound it and determined that they both definitely said "fowl trouble."

It seems like I'm talking a lot about television. Maybe because it was on in the background while I worked all morning. Having your tv on while you work is the perfect time to clear out the dvr of shows taht are not really fit for public consumption.

Lots of packing to do - must get going!

I Love You Tuesday

I like random thoughts Tuesday!! It's much easier than writing something coherent.

Tuesdays are good days because I get to work from home - which means I don't have to get up and get dressed and worry about leaving the house at any particular time.

Tuesdays are good days because there is nothing on tv at night and I like that - we can catch up on shows on the dvr or not watch any tv at all. It's peaceful.

Tuesday is almost Wednesday, which is halfway through the workweek.

And this Tuesday is the day I have the inspection at my new house and I'm one step closer to moving out of our little apartment and into my wonderful house!

Tuesday also means that there is only four more days until my biggest volunteer event of the year. I am coordinating with 7 project leaders and 120 volunteers to do 3.5 hours work at a local school to help their janitorial staff with projects that get pushed to the bottom of the priority list, like landscaping and painting. It's such a great project-120 volunteers working for 3.5 hours?? That's a LOT of manpower!! With all the budget costs in schools, this yearly event is so important and my volunteers and I rock it every year! We're just awesome. Look for the pictures this weekend--you'll be bedazzled.

Let Me Introduce You... my new house!!!!

And my new sunroom/game room (couch and shelving included), where you will find me with a book and two happy cats when it is not occupied by 5 smelly teenage boys:

And my new kitchen (cooking classes to be held once a month-come on over and teach me something!):

And my new backyard, where we will be gardening and barbecuing all summer long (assuming the guests bring food because I will have no money to eat):

Woohoo---now that the house-hunting is out of the way, I can really focus on planning the big housewarming party.

The kid is VERY happy with the purchase:

Random Tuesday All Over Again


Where have I been? Why don't I blog? What is wrong with me? It's random Tuesday again already??

I have put in a bid for my house!! We love love love this house and I think it's going to happen. And then I think I'm going to be super-poor for the next 10 years minimum. And if I lose my job for some reason-we will definitely be living in my car. And as such, I should clean it out-it's a mess. We have a counter-offer due tomorrow.

Andrew passed his safety written test and now he's just one drivers test away from freedom sweet freedom.

Apparently I have a slight pinched nerve in my left leg. So after sitting for certain periods of times, you know, like 20 minutes, my leg aches like the biggest bruise has appeared from nowhere and evetually it just goes numb. Lovely. The medical assistant who was taking my blood pressure talked about the weather lately, my previous work experience with this particular medical facility, and how she recently heard that a particular venerial disease is now affecting 85% of America. That was the end of our conversation. I am not taking it personal.

I feel like I should go to bingo more. Four people walk away with $1500-1800 in their pocket EVERY Wednesday--that's almost a mortgage payment!! I only need to win once a month and then I won't be poor!!

I hate milk. I can't be near it without thinking of the word: pus. Ick. That's a gross word.

Everytime I get on the treadmill, my cat cries and cries. It's the saddest cry ever, but I really enjoy it.

I am really excited to come home and have it be MINE.

My maintenance guy came by today and had clearly just smoked a cigarette. I find this so offensive--the smell was disgusting. There's a small wall area to be patched and he told me that I can do that myself easily enough and explained to me how to put some putty on, yeah, I know how to do it---but I live in an apartment and don't HAVE to. Is that wrong to think that way? We don't call him all the time (cause he smells bad), so if I want him to fix something 5-6 times a year, shouldn't he just do it? I think so.

I have lots of work to do, but I'm not working at home this week unless I'm on a deadline. I just need a week to not focus so much on work. Just a week, that's all I ask.

In three or four days, I might be sharing photos of my new house!!!!

Here We Go...

We woke up early on a Saturday!! Look---it's not even 8am yet!!!

What is going on??
Why are we acting so crazy????

We are off to the DMV to see if Andrew can pass his drivers safety test so he can take his driving test. When I got my license, it was one written test to get your permit and one driving test to get your license. Now it is one written test to get your permit, one written safety test to be able to take your drivers test, and one drivers test to get your license. I'm happy that the state is concerned about safety and is taking extra steps to ensure we are producing good drivers, but has anyone been to the DMV?? You don't just walk in and take a test.

When we went for his permit, we got there at 7:50 on a Saturday and we had to wait in line for about 40 minutes before it was his turn to take the test. There were about 50 people at the DMV before us---on 7:50 on a SATURDAY. Ridiculous. The only other option is for him to miss school and/or for me to miss work. (and Monday is a no-school day but the DMV isn't open Mondays-of course)

So, off we go. Wish him luck because I am not getting up and out this early again real soon.

AND after we hopefully get his safety test passed, we are off to look at HOUSES!!! Woohoo---I am house-hunting!! Wish me luck because I've already started packing and I'm already making plans for the house-warming party. I must find a house soon!!!

Happy Saturday, yo.

Better Off Ted!!!

OMG - I happened to be stopped on ABC when this new show, Better Off Ted, was on in the background while I checked to see if Lost was new tonight....and WOW-this show is FUNNY.

I knew about the show because my girl Ellen is married to one of the stars of the show and I had heard her talk about it before, but I really didn't think it was going to be a comedy of this in, the omg-did-they-just-say-that type. But it IS.

The part where I started at was where this nice black man is in his lab working. The light keeps going off, the motion detectors aren't working. Soon, we come to find that the detectors are not detecting black people. So the black man gets stuck in the lab all night---motion detected door blah blah, funny tongue-in-cheek very un-politically correct jokes (and I am a very PC kind of girl mind you)....then they go to commercial which is typically where I tune out and head back to paying attention to what is really important: Catching up on my blogger friends (hi Yaya, hi blogger-formerly-known-as-Monkey, hi Nicole, hi San! hi everyone I haven't gotten to yet...).

Anyway, the commercial is about diversity and I'm not really paying attention until I hear them say this:
"just like we enjoy varieties of food, we enjoy varieties of people.....even
though we can't eat them."
And THAT is when I realized it's not a real commercial. Certainly was attention-grabbing though!

And now it's time for Lost, the best show ever. Toodles.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Pollen Sucks


Look - I'm part of an Internet Blog Group of sorts!!! That little badge means that I am part of a group of bloggers writing about the same thing on the same day. Aren't we cool? We're like the cool kids in school - you guys are just THINKING your random thoughts, but we are actually writing them down for the entire WORLD to read. We are way cool. The Un Mom hosts the party - she has a super cool comic book-esque blog and I'm totally jealous. I must change my template sometime...before the cool kids find out I'm really not.

Allergies!!! Really?? Is this necessary?? Every time we have a slight change in weather, like going from rainy, 45-degree weather to bright and sunny 75-degree weather, my body goes on strike. My nose refuses to drain properly. My esophagus refuses to stop doing that tickle thing which causes me to sneeze. My head refuses to be happy. The roof of my mouth has an issue as well, which makes me want to make a slight hacking noise throughout the day (think hairball noise). Upper respiratory system is on strike. Lovely. Everyone else feel free to go about the beauty of the day. I'll be inside, avoiding fresh air which seems to turn my body into a magnet for pollen.

I recently bought a very large bamboo platter (covered in some kind of shellac) for my housewarming party. Said the kid: "Don't people typically buy the HOUSE first?" Not when the platter is on sale for 75% off they don't, son.

I had big plans to bbq tonight, since the weather is great and someone needed to gather all the pollen in the neighborhood (seriously-a magnet), but there was mold on the grill. Is it bad that I considered just wheeling the bbq to the dumpster? It's disgusting. The kid will have to take care of this - I just can not deal with it. So we picked up some teriyaki chicken on the way home - which I can never eat all of. I just don't like it. This is a great diet plan for me though: only order food you can tolerate, not food you enjoy. I figure I saved myself about 400 calories at dinner tonight.

I listened to the cats playing in the back door blinds for about ten minutes before I got up to chase them away (the noise was irritating), only to find that the bigger of the two cats was stuck between the folding card table (in its folded state) leaning against the glass door and the glass door and had been struggling trying to figure out the exit. The entrance for her was to fall straight down after an unsuccessful balancing attempt on the top. Oops. Sorry kitty. I think she appreciates me a little more now that I have proven to be her rescuer in time of need.

Ellen Degeneres is one of the best talk show hosts EVER. We used to tivo Dave Letterman and we really enjoyed his interviews, not so much the monologues. Then we stopped recording him, but started recording Regis and Kelly. And we ONLY watched their monologues-literally watched the first 15 min of the show and then stopped and deleted. The guests part never held our interest. Even when we really liked the guests.
And now---it's all Ellen. And there is not one bit of this show that we do not enjoy. She has a fun opening monologue, which she smartly keeps short. She dances. She sometimes sings. She is super-funny with her guests. She has really fun games--like blindfolded musical chairs. Even her giveaways are fun! She's just ALWAYS funny. If you haven't seen her show, you are totally missing out.

Easter is Sunday. Even though it's much later this year, I'm still not ready for it. We are volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House again (4th year in a row!!), though I'm not sure the teen is aware of it so let's keep it quiet til about Saturday night, k?

I wish Rachel Maddow had longer hair.

I was going to dance dance revolution-ize the night away tonight, but my head hurts from acting as a pollen magnet for the last three days. I think I might just go to bed early with a book. In bed before 9pm?? Is that allowed? Yes, if you are the state's official pollen magnet, you are allowed an extra 2 hours of sleep with no guilt.

The End of The Waiting Game

Sorry San, Alison, Mom - I know you're all on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what you've won....(well, Mom wasn't-she went to the beach for the weekend)

Door #1: WINNER - San

Woohoo-you won the Target paper pack, 2 glammy notebooks with 3D images, 1 sparkly material covered notebook and two smaller fun flowery notebook and one page marker. (all of which I really wanted to keep for myself).

Door #2: WINNER - Alison - MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!

$25 Visa gift card

Door #3: WINNER - Mom - wah wah wah, it's the not-so-great gift.

You have won a 1973 blue Vega!!!

(just kidding, I think you already had that!)

you win: a weird card game that I got in a random gift pack, 2 sand dollars complete with sand, one good luck leprechaun.

And the longest and most confusing contest in the world is over!!!

The Worst Wrists in the WORLD

They have this knobby bump, which made my doctor, in the middle of a non-wrist exam, do a double-take and say-"are they always that big?"

And they are achy. Sometimes ALL day. AND night.

The last doctor said it's most definitely tendinitis.

Six years ago, my doctor said it was most likely carpal tunnel.

I've gone to physical therapy a couple different times. I love it. It hurt, but it felt good. It cost a lot, and it took a lot of time - but totally worth it.

I type for a living and have done so for about 17 years now. My job entails sitting at a computer for 9 hrs a day, and then I usually spend another 90 minutes online during the evening (cheap entertainment mostly). My wrists hate this.

I've been wearing a small black wrist brace for about 14 of the last 17 years. I have had about 17,000 coworkers ask me if I'm going bowling.

I heat them at night and sometimes wear a heat wrap during the day. I've taken enough ibuprofen for a small country ending in "ovia". I get professional massages when I can. I tried some special lotion that is made from the tears of leprechauns that has special wrist-healing powers. I do daily stretches. I pay my teen way too much money for 20 min wrist rubs.

And yet, they still ache. I hate them. I hate hate hate my wrists.
I heard that someone felt some less wrist pain by taking daily Vitamin D pills. She's not a daily typer, but it helped her. I'm going to try that next.

And then the old standby is Vicodin. Vicodin definitely makes the wrists feel better. I try to avoid taking it, as I feel like meth, coke and crack would also be as effective, though my doctor won't prescribe those. And the addictive nature of Vicodin is a bit of a turnoff to taking them. If I'm going to be an addict, I would probably take meth or something that has a nice weight-loss side effect.


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