I Love You Tuesday

I like random thoughts Tuesday!! It's much easier than writing something coherent.

Tuesdays are good days because I get to work from home - which means I don't have to get up and get dressed and worry about leaving the house at any particular time.

Tuesdays are good days because there is nothing on tv at night and I like that - we can catch up on shows on the dvr or not watch any tv at all. It's peaceful.

Tuesday is almost Wednesday, which is halfway through the workweek.

And this Tuesday is the day I have the inspection at my new house and I'm one step closer to moving out of our little apartment and into my wonderful house!

Tuesday also means that there is only four more days until my biggest volunteer event of the year. I am coordinating with 7 project leaders and 120 volunteers to do 3.5 hours work at a local school to help their janitorial staff with projects that get pushed to the bottom of the priority list, like landscaping and painting. It's such a great project-120 volunteers working for 3.5 hours?? That's a LOT of manpower!! With all the budget costs in schools, this yearly event is so important and my volunteers and I rock it every year! We're just awesome. Look for the pictures this weekend--you'll be bedazzled.


  1. Nicole said...:

    Good for you! Have a wonderful week and have fun at your school project.


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