Lazy Blogging Continues - Random Tuesday Thoughts


Um, Tuesday again?? Really? Am I the lamest blogger ever that I can't come up with a normal blog post and I just kind of ride the week out until Tuesday comes? Maybe. I'll add color so I'm not so lame.

I watched this show about people who won millions - the good stories, not the ones who blew it all and became drug addicts, though I've seen that show too. One of the families lost their 4-year old to cancer and soon after, they went on a road trip and stopped by a casino to eat-they played a few slot machines and BAM ---won 4.4 million dollars!! And then they opened up a foundation at the hospital where their son was at for most of his short life. Just normal people, touched by a tragedy who came into a ton of money and did good things with it. They also reported on the lunch ladies who really just enjoy life now, most of them still work as lunch ladies.

Do you all know about the Dugger family? They have 18 kids. Wait, typo? NO! EIGHTEEN kids. That's about sixteen too many really. I don't think they are mormon. They also named all 18 (NOT a typo!!!) kids with names starting with J, like the dad, who is Jim Bob. Seriously, I laughed out loud just writing that because it doesn't seem like something that would be real, but it supposedly is. It totally creeps me out. They aren't real people, I just don't see that this is a family of humans. They creep me out. Sorry Dugger family. I'm sure you are very nice, but your J-names and your 36 legs are creeping me out!! Jebediah is one of the kids names and that name gives me chills. Sorry to all the Jebediah's out there - it's not personal. Your name just creeps me out. EIGHTEEN kids!!! I'm not kidding!!! From ONE woman (who sounds like Smurfette)-it's not like it's a blended family. No, Jim Bob just has some serious sperm. Jim Bob sperm creeps me out.

My teenager got his license today. Please move off the street if you see him coming, as I would really appreciate if we could all make it less likely that he might get in a car accident. We have Geico insurance and I have recently heard some really negative feedback on how Geico responds to accident claims. I'm not changing insurances right now, so do the right thing everyone---let the teen have the road to himself.

This evening I bought 11 plants for $10.00 from someone on Craigslist. I took Natalie along in case they turned out to be killers. They weren't and I got some nice plants!! The only issue with my new healthy and hearty plants is that they are all in pots that do not have the bottom drain thingy. I have no idea how to deal with this. One of my plants is like this and I just keep it on a plate at all times. I hate this. Another is like this and has a little plastic thing it sits in always. I hate that also. Is there really not a better solution??

I filled another three boxes today. You can't tell. I still have a bunch of boxes everywhere and I don't really feel like I'm close to being done. I have just 3.5 weeks left til we move-LOVE it.

I had a cup of tater tots and half of a booster juice for dinner. I think that's a fairly balanced meal right?

Can brownie mix still be okay if it expired 3 years ago?

I'm in the last of the Lord John book series. If you know of Lord John, you know of the series. If you don't - you're missing out!!!


  1. Michelle said...:

    Oh I laugh everytime I read your posts. The Dugger's 36 legs are creeping me out too. Thankfully, we don't get those programmes about their family so I don't have to watch them and hear about their crazy names. I don't fully understand anyone who has more than two children.

  1. Christina said...:

    You are the thrid person to mention Tater tots in a week so it means that I now have to get some...yum!

  1. Alison said...:

    I watched those same shows last night!!! Can you save all of your boxes in your new garage for me for when I move? Thanks!

  1. Mom said...:

    Andrew got his license--YAY for him--sad for me--grandma's getting older.
    Don't envy you the packing part but am real excited about your new house!---think you better dump the brownine mix!!

  1. Keely said...:

    Wouldn't there be 40 legs? Including the 2 parents?

    I heard a rumor that there are like FOUR MORE of the original Outlander series coming too. Squee!

  1. GreenJello said...:

    The Duggars are not Mormons-- they are Fundamentalist Christians. And not only do they have 18 kids, they homeschool them all. That means all those legs are in the same house all day long.

    And I had two accidents while on Geico insurance-- they handled the claims promptly and well, but dumped me after the second accident. LOL

  1. Yaya said...:

    Jim Bob has some serious sperm! Lol!!


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