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I find the show What Not to Wear offensive. Isn't style loosely based on personal opinion? So who are these people to say that a particular persons style is simply not acceptable? So much so that they ambush them intervention style and show videos of them in various outfits and then tear them apart for particular things they are wearing. I have never made it through a full episode because I get so irritated that the two hosts are so condescending towards other people.

Yes, I love that they give away $5000 for a new wardrobe. I would love that. But is there a way to do this show without tearing apart someone's personal look? The episode I started watching today is about a girl who has a bit of an eclectic style of clothing, the majority of which she bought at thrift stores. I personally think that's great -- recycle and reuse, right? It's not my personal style, but it's hers and that's great. But the hosts are not accepting of it. They talked poorly about her picking clothes from thrift stores and then attacked some of her favorite outfits. This just bothers me. You can offer tips on dressing better and using your style to come across more professional or whatever but ....ugh....I can't even talk about it anymore. It's just infuriating to me.

I watched a movie today called Standard Operating Procedure, which is about the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. It interviewed the people who were in the "torture" pictures that were spread around the world in 2004. It was really enlightening and most of it made a lot of sense and I felt better about the whole scandal, but some of the comments the people made were just ridiculous.

For example,one of the girls is featured in a photo with a dead body and she is giving the camera a thumbs up and smiling. Her explanation of that was that she is never comfortable with what she should do with her hands and she ALWAYS gives a thumbs up in photos. Hmmm...really? Even over corpses? Not really buying it...but there was a lot of insight given to other photos and the history of what really happened. The main guy is in jail for ten years and he was not interviewed, but it seems pretty clear that he was the problem child-they showed videos of him setting up the photos. He's not so great.

Today I made a beef stew for Andrew. The beef was on sale and we had carrots and onions and celery leftover so it seemed like a great, cheap meal to make...and then Alison reminded me that typically people don't like hot stew on a hot day. Oops. Meat eaters are weird, how am I supposed to know all their rules??

And I was busy adding spices that I know nothing about and don't have any real idea on what goes well with what, and went to pour some rosemary into the crockpot and, well...you know how some spices have tops with little holes in the top and some are just wide open....well I don't know which ones have which and was feeling pretty excited about being a good mom and making a great dinner.....and then I look down to see about a half cup of rosemary on the top of the ingredients. Isn't there a saying about never having enough rosemary? No? I didn't think so...so I spooned the majority of it out. I guess it turned out okay, Andrew's eating it, but that doesn't say that much (cause he's a teenage boy). I served it with little mini pita pockets and he's making little pitas with carrots and beef. Super cute.

We grilled chicken the other day and I served it over lettuce and had tomatoes, avocado, sauteed onions and mushrooms and a bit of bbq sauce on top. Doesn't that sound yummy??? I loved it!! I could eat it twice a week at least. Andrew had bbq'd hamburgers with the same toppings. Yummy!!

Now that I own my beautiful little house (almost), I am cutting corners. AND since I'm going to have this beautiful spacious kitchen to cook in, I'm energized to cook more! Good stuff all around!

I absolutely LOVE The Office. I wish it was on every day. It's seriously the best show out there-if you're not watching it, you're missing out. You are!!!

Is anyone else watching Love of Money 2 but feel pained by it every time? It's really horrible. I can't stop watching. It's like visiting another culture, but one that is horrifying. So horrifying that you can't help but watch it.

In watching the basketball playoffs just now, I was CERTAIN I heard the reporter and the player she's interviewing talking about "bowel trouble." Funny. I rewound it and determined that they both definitely said "fowl trouble."

It seems like I'm talking a lot about television. Maybe because it was on in the background while I worked all morning. Having your tv on while you work is the perfect time to clear out the dvr of shows taht are not really fit for public consumption.

Lots of packing to do - must get going!


  1. you can never never ever have enough rosemary!

  1. kilax said...:

    I think that show is offensive too. It seems like they are just mean... to be mean! And make people feel bad! I wonder if they actually do throw away all of their clothes.

    Standard Operating Procedure sounds like something my husband would like but I would have a hard time watching.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    RE: What Not to Wear
    If you have ever made it to the end you would see that the people are thankful to them and they find the experience is less about appearance more about spending time on yourself, respecting yourself, feeling as if you "deserve it" etc. I would say the overwhelming majority of people walk away saying that. I think the over exaggerated "rudeness" is just for TVs sake. I think they allow people to keep their personal style they just show them how to elevate it and most importantly they teach people about wearing clothes that fit and that are appropriate for their body & lifestyle.

    I agree they can be a bit snobbish, but I think that is their TV persona. Have you seen the Brit version? AH! They are really terrible!! But funny.

  1. Jaden Paige said...:

    I agree with anonymous above about What Not To Wear... I love that show! But they definitely play up the rudeness for TV's sake.

    I'd like to see that movie about Abu Ghraib... I'll have to remember that!

    And go you for all the home cooking! woot to that! :)

  1. Keely said...:

    I like What Not To Wear, too, in small doses. I do think that a lot of those people just aren't making the most of their appearance, it's not about their personal style. But sometimes it is their personal style and who gives a crap if their clothes aren't in fashion?

  1. krista said...:

    my issue with 'what not to wear' is the mothereffing hairstylist. he gives them the most outdated ridiculously unflattering styles/cuts approximately 90 percent of the time.
    i mean, i know they're merely sitting in some random corner of a set on a soundstage but you could at least PRETEND they're getting the special treatment at a fancy salon. (and by that i mean CUT THEIR HAIR IN A FLATTERING STYLE.)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Lol-love how fired up you get over what not to wear! Hahahahaha! Now I know how to push your buttons! :)


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