Random Tuesday All Over Again


Where have I been? Why don't I blog? What is wrong with me? It's random Tuesday again already??

I have put in a bid for my house!! We love love love this house and I think it's going to happen. And then I think I'm going to be super-poor for the next 10 years minimum. And if I lose my job for some reason-we will definitely be living in my car. And as such, I should clean it out-it's a mess. We have a counter-offer due tomorrow.

Andrew passed his safety written test and now he's just one drivers test away from freedom sweet freedom.

Apparently I have a slight pinched nerve in my left leg. So after sitting for certain periods of times, you know, like 20 minutes, my leg aches like the biggest bruise has appeared from nowhere and evetually it just goes numb. Lovely. The medical assistant who was taking my blood pressure talked about the weather lately, my previous work experience with this particular medical facility, and how she recently heard that a particular venerial disease is now affecting 85% of America. That was the end of our conversation. I am not taking it personal.

I feel like I should go to bingo more. Four people walk away with $1500-1800 in their pocket EVERY Wednesday--that's almost a mortgage payment!! I only need to win once a month and then I won't be poor!!

I hate milk. I can't be near it without thinking of the word: pus. Ick. That's a gross word.

Everytime I get on the treadmill, my cat cries and cries. It's the saddest cry ever, but I really enjoy it.

I am really excited to come home and have it be MINE.

My maintenance guy came by today and had clearly just smoked a cigarette. I find this so offensive--the smell was disgusting. There's a small wall area to be patched and he told me that I can do that myself easily enough and explained to me how to put some putty on it....um, yeah, I know how to do it---but I live in an apartment and don't HAVE to. Is that wrong to think that way? We don't call him all the time (cause he smells bad), so if I want him to fix something 5-6 times a year, shouldn't he just do it? I think so.

I have lots of work to do, but I'm not working at home this week unless I'm on a deadline. I just need a week to not focus so much on work. Just a week, that's all I ask.

In three or four days, I might be sharing photos of my new house!!!!


  1. Keely said...:

    Well, it might be good practice for when it IS your house, but yeah - that's what maintenance guys are FOR.

    Happy belated Tuesday!


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