Random Tuesday Thoughts: Pollen Sucks


Look - I'm part of an Internet Blog Group of sorts!!! That little badge means that I am part of a group of bloggers writing about the same thing on the same day. Aren't we cool? We're like the cool kids in school - you guys are just THINKING your random thoughts, but we are actually writing them down for the entire WORLD to read. We are way cool. The Un Mom hosts the party - she has a super cool comic book-esque blog and I'm totally jealous. I must change my template sometime...before the cool kids find out I'm really not.

Allergies!!! Really?? Is this necessary?? Every time we have a slight change in weather, like going from rainy, 45-degree weather to bright and sunny 75-degree weather, my body goes on strike. My nose refuses to drain properly. My esophagus refuses to stop doing that tickle thing which causes me to sneeze. My head refuses to be happy. The roof of my mouth has an issue as well, which makes me want to make a slight hacking noise throughout the day (think hairball noise). Upper respiratory system is on strike. Lovely. Everyone else feel free to go about the beauty of the day. I'll be inside, avoiding fresh air which seems to turn my body into a magnet for pollen.

I recently bought a very large bamboo platter (covered in some kind of shellac) for my housewarming party. Said the kid: "Don't people typically buy the HOUSE first?" Not when the platter is on sale for 75% off they don't, son.

I had big plans to bbq tonight, since the weather is great and someone needed to gather all the pollen in the neighborhood (seriously-a magnet), but there was mold on the grill. Is it bad that I considered just wheeling the bbq to the dumpster? It's disgusting. The kid will have to take care of this - I just can not deal with it. So we picked up some teriyaki chicken on the way home - which I can never eat all of. I just don't like it. This is a great diet plan for me though: only order food you can tolerate, not food you enjoy. I figure I saved myself about 400 calories at dinner tonight.

I listened to the cats playing in the back door blinds for about ten minutes before I got up to chase them away (the noise was irritating), only to find that the bigger of the two cats was stuck between the folding card table (in its folded state) leaning against the glass door and the glass door and had been struggling trying to figure out the exit. The entrance for her was to fall straight down after an unsuccessful balancing attempt on the top. Oops. Sorry kitty. I think she appreciates me a little more now that I have proven to be her rescuer in time of need.

Ellen Degeneres is one of the best talk show hosts EVER. We used to tivo Dave Letterman and we really enjoyed his interviews, not so much the monologues. Then we stopped recording him, but started recording Regis and Kelly. And we ONLY watched their monologues-literally watched the first 15 min of the show and then stopped and deleted. The guests part never held our interest. Even when we really liked the guests.
And now---it's all Ellen. And there is not one bit of this show that we do not enjoy. She has a fun opening monologue, which she smartly keeps short. She dances. She sometimes sings. She is super-funny with her guests. She has really fun games--like blindfolded musical chairs. Even her giveaways are fun! She's just ALWAYS funny. If you haven't seen her show, you are totally missing out.

Easter is Sunday. Even though it's much later this year, I'm still not ready for it. We are volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House again (4th year in a row!!), though I'm not sure the teen is aware of it so let's keep it quiet til about Saturday night, k?

I wish Rachel Maddow had longer hair.

I was going to dance dance revolution-ize the night away tonight, but my head hurts from acting as a pollen magnet for the last three days. I think I might just go to bed early with a book. In bed before 9pm?? Is that allowed? Yes, if you are the state's official pollen magnet, you are allowed an extra 2 hours of sleep with no guilt.


  1. Nicole said...:

    I'm so glad I dont have to deal with allergies (I had better find some wood to knock on) cuz you sound miserable!
    How can cats be so smart and dumb at the same time. LOL, I had a visual. Very funny!
    Feel better soon!

  1. Keely said...:

    Aw, poor kitty!

    And LOL at "Not when the platter is on sale for %75 they don't"!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hmm.. maybe if I start just ordering food that I hate I'd lose a lot of weight? (I should have a good start this Saturday night, as my husband and I have to go eat at a German restaurant for a work function. No offense to the Germans, but I really don't like your food. Except German chocolate cake, LOL, which, I know, I know, isn't really German)

    I saw a taping of "Ellen" once and it was soooo much fun. Really, really fun. (Boy, lame adjectives, but it was so much fun I'm at a loss for words) AND the best part was that Ellen genuinely was really nice. During commercial breaks she was as smiley and happy as when the show was being taped and she was really nice to her crew.

  1. GreenJello said...:

    Pollen is the only reason I don't look forward to spring. Achoo!


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