C'mon Baby Light My Fire

No Really...someone light a fire under me cause I sat down to check what time the liquor store closes (I found that they have heaps and heaps of boxes under a big sign in the corner of the store that says "FREE BOXES") but,40 minutes later, I'm reading other blogs and commenting here and there. I like commenting - it's like leaving a little note on someones desk. If I could leave a little piece of chocolate with my comment, I would. Cause it would be the nice thing to do. It would be dark chocolate cause dark chocolate is healthy, ya know.

I have a cleaning service coming to my new house tomorrow - I'm not allowed to have the house key even one hour early so the realtor is going to let the maid in. Whatever.

Then Friday morning I have a carpet cleaner coming.

The kid helped me pack tonight FINALLY. He did a lot of his own room a couple weeks ago, but he spent a good forty minutes helping pack up the rest of the kitchen and made four trips to the garbage. Sometimes he's so wonderful. Sometimes he's just a teenager.

If anyone lives in the Portland area and has no plans Saturday morning, please take this as your personal invitation to come help move. The more the merrier. I'll buy pizza when we're done (with a one piece per person limit of course).

Email me for the address. Bring your friends - it'll be like a party!!!


  1. BeautifulWreck said...:

    That is craziness about the key!

    Congrats... seems like things are falling right into place for ya!

  1. Alison said...:

    I am coming on Saturday! But can I have my pizza early, like 10:30? I like it for breakfast.


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