Comcast Cares! They Really Do!!!

If you have Comcast, you have probably felt some frustration with them at some point. Inevitably you have had cable connections issues, or the equipment isn't set up right, or the equipment fails, or you have overpaid for services for years and questioned your sanity for paying $50 for cable service (that's way too high people!!!)....I know I have. However, Comcast is really great in some ways: like giving back.

Every year, they host Comcast Cares Day and encourage all employees to participate. They pick local schools and nonprofits and they plan to spend one morning kicking ass for a good cause. They make it all happen with my beloved Hands On Greater Portland, and with me-their trusty, handy-dandy volunteer manager/leader/diehard.

I was the manager of the project at our local high school and had 118 Comcast volunteers, 6 project leaders, and 2 Runners - Nat and Alison-they help make everything run smoothly, by literally running out to check on things or deliver things or just overall help me.

We mostly did bark dusting and painting - but don't think that it's not a big job. We spent 3.5 hrs doing these two tasks with 124 people and did not finish. To say it's a big school is an understatement. It was a great and productive day and please remember that this happens when you're waiting between 8am and 12:30pm for your cable guy to show up and he's a few minutes late.

The local city council president showed up to lend a hand.

Lots of families working together!

This toddler followed his mom all around the school area, never saying a word, just followed like a little duckling. He is probably only about three or four---and probably too far behind his mom, but we had a lot of fun watching him.

Alison doing real WORK (and then celebrating).

My "runners" at the end of the morning were TIRED. We started at 7:30 and ended just about 12:45pm--on a Saturday!! When normal humans sleep in and relax from work...but nope, not us!

Me, freezing. My hands were numb--gloves? oh, what a novel idea. You mean the ones I have in my car for winter? Yep, those would have worked.


  1. San said...:

    Wow this is really cool. I had now idea.

    P.S. So how do I get my comcast bill lowered? It's way too high!!

  1. Portland Rose said...:

    OMG. I also painted a bench!!!

  1. julia said...:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. julia said...:

    Yay! I love community service day. But... wait. Your cable bill is only $50 !?!

  1. Heather said...:

    HI...Thanks for stopping by my blog...
    And really??? How is your cable bill "only" $50 dollars!!! You must only have like 3 channels!!! :)


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