Free Soda Rocks!

I think I've mentioned before that my office provides free soda, about 7 kinds, including sparkling water. It's a really nice benefit and I greatly appreciate it. I have one soda a day, though if they had Cherry Coke, I would most definitely have about 7. In the morning. And 9 in the afternoon.

They talked about discontinuing this with the hard economy when they were studying ways to be economical (we most recently got real silverware and are phasing out the plastic, which will save an estimate of $6000 in our office alone)....but the free soda looks to be staying-thankfully, cause our matching 401K was already cut and I can only take so much loss.

The thing about this is that no one ever questions whether we should cut the coffee budget. Why is coffee such a standard?? Because we want our people to be awake at work--but isn't that responsibility on the employee? There are a few of us out there who don't drink coffee (other than the weekly peppermint white chocolate mocha-but I have to buy that!). The way I see it, the soda is for those of us who don't suck down 20 cups of coffee a day.

It was in the news this morning that prisoners in the state of Oregon have had access to free soda. Whoa, wait.....not acceptable!!!!!! Apparently it's on the tax payers bill to provide this. It was like $50,000 a year, or maybe $500,000 a year...hmmm...prob not just $5,000 a year....but it was a LOT of money that taxpayers pay (and it definitely had a 5 in it). It makes sense for an employer to choose to pay for this benefit, but as a taxpayer, I should not be paying for hardened criminals to get their sugar-water fix!!


  1. Kate said...:

    So glad I work in a small office where we all get to pick what kind of soda they provide for us. Even when I am on my various kicks of switching between regular Cherry Coke and Diet.

    Sorry to hear they cut your 401(k) matching. I hate when I hear about that stuff. :(


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