Random Thoughts Tuesday


I almost forgot to write about my random thoughts today. I had a lot - I should have taken notes throughout the day so I could capture all my wonderful randomness, but instead, you get the dregs of what I remember...

I always sleep with the radio on. Sometimes it's tuned in to Loveline, which is entertaining, but not something I really enjoy on a regular basis. Otherwise it's on NPR, which I love. Last night I worked on a samurai sudoku for about an hour and listened to this long sad story about the one-year anniversary of the earthquake in China and more specifically, the schools that collapsed in the midst of a ton of government buildings that survived intact.

The report was about how the families of the children who died are not allowed to visit the school sites to hold a memorial or even just to visit the site where they last saw their child. A non-government researcher reported that about 5,400 children died in schools during the earthquake. Why were the gov't buildings intact and the schools crumbled like card houses? Hmm...it's no secret that the Chinese gov't doesn't always think logically. Right? No, it's not.

The NPR report followed a family whose child died in a school and as they tried to approach the site to lay flowers, the officers guarding the site told the parents that they need to leave and it's been a year and they need to move on. Nice job Government of China. In a country where you put restrictions on the number of children each family can have, it's not fair to expect a middle-aged couple to just "move on" when their only allotted child has been killed due to negligence in following building codes. Thumbs down for China today.

We went to the Lazy Boy store today and I am totally in love with the Roland set. They have it in a creamy beige that would go well in any room. This is the big comfy recliner that would almost fit two small-sized humans or me and my two cats. I love it. It's only $800.00. But they do have financing with 0% down, no payments and no interest for 12 months. It's like they are just giving it away for a full year!!!! Ha, suckers. I am totally considering taking them up on it. It's a Lazyboy---they last a good 20 years so it's like an investment right??

My teen has informed me that nothing about his life is my business anymore. Except apparently meals and providing funds for entertainment. I'm sure all you parents know how there's this trick in life where you can love someone more than anything in life but just not like them very much...it's a mean trick that life plays on you. It's called: The Teenage Years.

One of the boys in his grade committed suicide last week. I really didn't know him and I'm not sure that my boy knew him well, but it's so hard on the whole community. You just ache for the family. Is there anything worse in the entire world? No, there's definitely not.

I am not cleaning house today or tomorrow and maybe not on Thursday. Mom on strike, anyone? We're moving soon anyway so the house already looks like we survived a tornado. I am taking a break, that's all. And if we get ants or mice or whatever, who cares---in 9.2 days, I will not have to live here anymore and mice will be a nice treat for the manager to deal with since she won't let me break my lease 30 days early. After FIVE years of being a great tenant!! Yes, mice are a nice going away present.

Volunteering is at its all-time high since WWII. Have you all signed up for something lately? You should.

Sometimes my clock radio randomly goes static. If I move it 1/2 an inch in any direction-totally fine for a short bit. I have repeated this process for the last hour.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, which is a busy day at work but it's hump day which means I'm halfway to the weekend. And next weekend is a heavy-duty packing and cleaning weekend and I can not wait. I wonder if the mice will start chewing into my boxes...


  1. good luck packing and moving! i'm rooting for a mouse or 2 for the stubborn landlord.

  1. ArtSnark said...:

    Seem to be a lot of critters in the RTTs today! Good luck with the move - bet you can find just the right space for that lazy boy ;D

  1. Keely said...:

    I don't think China has traditionally been well-known for it's concern for the individual...

    Would you like my mice? Just send your shipping address ;)

  1. krista said...:

    so, are you telling me that you worked on ONE sudoku puzzle for an hour? that's impressive.


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