Random Thoughts Tuesday


If you're in love with reading the random thoughts of others like I am-there are a TON over at Keely's blog. Click the pic above and go check some out!

  • Someone mentioned having watermelon the other day and I stopped at the store first chance I could and bought one. But that was two days ago and the melon is just sitting in the fridge. It sounds really good even now…but if I was home with it, I’m not convinced I would cut it open. Maybe it’s dealing with the juices everywhere and then having to scoop it out and deal with the seeds that I’m avoiding. It’s not laziness—cause I got up from where I was sitting on the floor about 6 times in a 30 min period to go get something or other that I needed to do what I was doing. I just don’t like to be sticky. I wonder if this is related to some sticky childhood trauma of mine.
  • My cat woke me up at 5am crying and crying. Once I woke up, I had to sneeze 82 times and blow my nose 47 times and then I had to try to prevent drainage from going into my ear canal by very carefully switching which side I was laying on every 12 minutes. So I never got back to sleep! I hate 5am. Why would anyone be awake at 5am?? Oh, because they have cats and allergies? Yes. (but not allergies to cats).
  • Sometimes I really really miss the people I used to work with. I’ve only seen any of them a few times since I left 8 months ago. Why is everyone so busy all the time?? How come no one can make plans anymore??
  • Lately, my friend Nancy and I have been going to bingo about once a week. I typically spend about $20 there, and that includes a meal and a soda. I don’t think that’s really that spendy. We talk the entire time, so it’s not like we’re just gambling away our money with our heads down in isolation. I am confused as to why people react oddly when we say we are going to bingo, but they would never think to react at all if we went to happy hour once, or even twice, a week. Yes, gambling can ruin your life, but can’t alcohol ruin your life even MORE?? For example, after a busy night at bingo—I never have to worry about whether I’m okay to drive or worse, “how did I get home last night??” And after a busy night at bingo, I never go to after-parties at strangers houses. And after a busy night at bingo, I don’t feel physically ill. I’m not saying that bingo is a better addiction to have then drinking, but I hate how drinking is SO accepted and encouraged.
  • I have just figured out how to send a personal email reply to people when they comment on my blog. I’ve always gotten the email notifications when I get a comment, but I thought there was some secret way that people respond directly. It’s VERY secret…you hit the button marked “reply.” Sigh…thanks to green jello for helping me through this big mystery. I'm an embarrassment to bloggers everywhere.
  • I brush my hair just once a day. I think this is 3X less than normal females. I also do not necessarily care about shoes. When I was in Korea, shoes were very cheap there and being a bigger girl-it was hard to find clothes my size, but I could almost always find shoes. So during one shopping trip, I got very excited about shoes for some reason and bought four or five pair. That’s usually how many I buy in a two-year period, so you can tell it was really a crazy time in my life. I was out of control. When I came home from Korea for Presents Day, I remember being excited and unpacking them at my sisters house and I told her how crazy it was that I bought so many and blahblah crazy fun blahblah and as she watched me pulling them out, her comment was “are they all ugly?” I can still hear her voice and sometimes when I go to buy shoes, I hear that and just walk away. It’s helped me not buy a LOT of shoes, but I really could use a pair!! I wish the other voices in my head would drown her out more.
  • I don’t really like the colors on the walls of three rooms in my new house. I want bold and bright and Terra cotta and mauve. What I have is pale salmon, super light palest of pale green and then just pale green. I think painting will have to wait til after summer though. Or when I find a place to easily sell my plasma cause I’m poor now!
  • I did go to the store and buy a couple new towels because I could not find mine, it was getting late, I was tired of unpacking/searching/moving boxes and I just wanted to get in my new Jacuzzi bathtub in my new house. And I don’t buy new towels any more frequently than I buy new shoes.
  • I’m sleepy. I should have gone out into my nice warm car and taken a nap at lunch instead of reading and commenting on random blogs. Why do I sacrifice myself for other bloggers???


  1. I used to go to bingo with my grandma - SHE ALWAYS WON!!!!! BIG too!!

  1. Alison said...:


    I only brush my hair once a day. I think my mother to this day will tell me to "comb my hair." Why would I do that?

  1. Christina said...:

    I love watermelon but I hate the cutting it up etc so I cheat and buy the packaged slices.

    If it make syou feel better I was woken up by a coughing fiance and a cat grooming my hair at 3 and could nor fall back asleep!

  1. I hate watermelons. All melons actually. Since I lost my job back in September I've painted two bathrooms and two bedrooms. Now I'm scraping down the mother of all wallpapered rooms. I hate wallpaper.

  1. krista said...:

    wait. what? you can reply to someone via email when they comment? i feel like an idiot now because i thought that wasn't possible on blogger.

  1. krista said...:

    oh, i just reread it. you mean 'reply' on the email itself. hmmm...interesting. i'm totally going to try this.
    oh, and i don't brush my hair everyday.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hubby and I get up at 5am everyday. We're nuts!

    Yes, the email reply...unfortunately not everyone sets up their email to it though. :(

  1. kilax said...:

    People are giving you crap about Bingo? Seriously?! That's so weird ;)

    I offered to help my mom in the kitchen this weekend but told her the only thing I wouldn't do was cut that juicy messy watermelon! ;)

  1. I love your last one. Who knew when we started a blog how much time we would spend reading blogs...


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