Welcome Home, Little Animal

SO - I brought home a new animal today.....
Remember that dream vacuum I wanted?

Welcome home: Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner.
It's just aw-maz-ing.
I love it. Can you love a home cleaning tool? YES-you can!!!
I do!!! I love this vacuum!! It's super light and cleans SO well.

We cleaned over the floor rug that is in the middle of the room and pulled up a good inch of ickiness.
The ball works GREAT to maneuver and I don't know why vacuums didn't always comes this way! It's so much easier to roll around the carpet. It just makes sense.

And one of my absolute favorite parts of the Dyson DC25 Animal, aka the best vacuum ever, is that when I need to clean out all of the gathered ickiness - it's the push of a button to pull out the canister and then another push of the button and a little shake of my hand and then all the stuff just DROPS out the bottom!!! GENIUS.

I will not miss having to clean the roller out every time I vacuum a 500 sq ft area. I will not miss the enormous amount of dust that flies from not just the canister, but also the stupid filter that sits within the canister of my old vacuum. I will not miss the amount of energy it takes to push it across the carpet. I will not miss having to hand pick out things from the carpet after I spend a fair amount of time vacuuming. I will not miss having to disassemble the damn thing every 4th use to clear the way for it to do a half-ass job of vacuuming. Nope, not gonna miss my old vacuum.

I highly recommend everyone splurge and get this vacuum! It might seem expensive, but in the last 8 years, I have had three vacuums, all of which are about $100. This vacuum has a 5 year warranty and there's a local Dyson store and supposedly all I have to do is walk it in there, let them look at it and then if they can't fix it right then, they will give me a new one.

So how did this lovely Dyson DC25 Animal come to be the newest pet of the household?

Today I found it was on sale at Best Buy for almost a full $100 off!!!
That's a lot to save!

But---it was more than that!

I did a little research online and found that Bed, Bath & Beyond will price match. So I printed out my Best Buy info on the sale price. Then I went online, signed up for the BB&B newsletter to my email and instantly got a coupon for 20% off one item.

Then I went to BB&B, found my beloved Dyson DC25 Animal and headed up front. The girl at the counter wasn't sure about the price match. The original price of the vacuum is $550.00. The Best Buy price was $439.00. That's quite a savings!! She called the manager over, he approved it, walked away. Then I gave her my 20% off coupon. She called the manager back over and they discussed that price-matching is a deal in itself and I had to choose the 20% or the price match. I told them, if your deal is only as great as Best Buy, I would have just gone to Best Buy. And the manager says, well, this is quite a good deal already....and I said, how about if you meet me in the middle and give me 10% and he said-Done! And walked away and the girl did some math and I walked out with my new Dyson D25 Animal for just $395.00!!!!

That's $155.00 savings!!! That's about 28% off the original price!! LOVE it!!!!

And the kicker on that is that the coupon very clearly states that the discount does not apply to certain products, and Dyson is listed as one of them. I guess they don't take that verbiage too seriously. I've also heard many times before that they do not care if you use an expired coupon.


  1. Christina said...:

    I am jealous. I am coveting that so much lately!

  1. Alison said...:

    HA! Nice work Kaylen!!!!

  1. mitchdcba said...:

    I must agree about the dyson dc25’s cleaning power. Another point worth considering if you are thinking of buying this model is the maneuverability. If you struggle pulling around a heavy vacuum, then the dc25 could be for you as its so easy to move around due to the combination of ball technology and its lower weight.
    Dyson DC 25 animal ball


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