What Else Am I Missing...

As some of you (anyone who knows me) may know, I am not a chef by any stretch of the word.

I made chicken enchiladas last night and they are deeffinglicious. It's a very basic recipe of shredded chicken and cheese, using canned enchilada sauce. Originally, I tried making this with dried diced onions. And then one time I had an onion left over and made enchiladas with a fresh onion and WHOA, stand back my friends--it makes a HUGE difference.

And then I start to wonder---what if there are other really simple changes to make to easy recipes that will make a big zinger of a difference?

A foodie friend of mine is always disturbed when we talk food and he is reminded that I never use fresh herbs. My herbs come in a glass jar and last about a year or two in my cupboard...but maybe, just MAYBE, I need to branch away from the glass jars.


I have some kind of herb growing in my new garden in my new backyard at my new wonderful house, but I haven't determined what kind it is yet, much less what to do with it. I'm investigating this situation this weekend...stay tuned for the exciting results.


  1. San said...:

    Yes, you should definitely start using fresh herbs... it makes a HUGE difference (as you discovered with the onions ;)).


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