Another Post Where I Continue to Talk About My New House

One of the greatest things about owning a house is the privacy. I used to have a LOT of little kids and traffic around every opening of my apartment. Now I can sit on my back porch and see no one at all and just relax. Which I tried to do the other night, but little Whiskers wasn't having it. He sat at the back door and cried. (you'd have to click on the photo to really see him and for the second that I took the photo, he had stopped crying. Just for that second. Probably to swallow and wet his poor sore throat a little).


Hearing him cry makes me sad. But he's not one to be trusted to be set free just yet. The other cat, Ginger, is much more mature and I think if she was startled or if we saw danger lurking around her, we could yell or make a noise and she would run for the safety of the indoors. We suspect if it was Whiskers and we needed to yell or make noise to scare him back inside, he might just take off or run in circles or climb a tree or something. He's not very smart. I love his cry, it's original, but it makes me sad: sad
I got a package in the mail from Nature Valley!! I signed up for some blogger thing to get samples and I got four full-size bags of yummy nut goodness! More on this later.

nature valley nut clusters
Since moving, we've been cooking more. I have a few recipe books and we're selecting some to try out. The other day was meatless lasagna:

The strawberries are coming in!! They are super-juicy. They are small sized but wonderful and yummy. Really, they are WAY better than the ones I've been paying for at the store. We have a lot, so Andrew has been picking a handful a day and then we eat them slow and marvel at how great they taste. I just wish I had raspberries to go with them. Maybe next year...
growing strawberries

Thanks to my stupendous bingo winnings this month ($360!!!), we were able to buy a new bbq. We've had this little one for the last four years and loved it and used it as much as we could, but when you have company over for a bbq, it's not really kosher to have people eat in shifts because you can only fit so much on your grill at a time. I love this pic, it makes the old bbq (um, on the right, duh) seem like a child's toy. And people say bingo is a waste of time!!! We will be testing our new bbq out with some delicious boneless skinless chicken breasts in about 2 hours. Can not wait!

Well, the great couch hunt of 2009 is over! You can rest at ease..I have found the piece of furniture I have been looking for over the last seven weeks. I am literally sitting on patio furniture in my tv room, using a tv tray to hold my laptop, a lawn chair as a foot stool. It's not the best setup. I get my new love seat and ottoman on Friday. One day after I have all my work friends over to share my house with them. But whatever--I will have it by the weekend and I am (mostly) done shopping for the house and I can focus on more important things, like reading the new John Grisham (what, another book about an attorney? shocker) and watching Dog the Bounty Hunter and being amazed at how much weight his wife has lost.


  1. Yay for backyards and peace & quiet! I wish I could say we were enjoying strawberries from our back yard, but a rabbit ate all the leaves off the plants. Maybe next year.

  1. Alison said...:

    Dogs wife lost weight??? Is there a picture online? I have to google it!!!!

    What about her huge ginormous boobs?

  1. Poor cat just wants to get out :(


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