I am Cold and Heartless

RIP Michael Jackson.

And I emphasize the P there...cause I don't think that guy really ever had any peace. Well, maybe about a 5 month period when he first became famous at what, age 7? I bet that was really exciting and probably the most peaceful time in his life.

I've managed to avoid almost all of the media blitz covering his death, but I caught about 20 minutes of an NBC special called Living With Michael Jackson and I hate to be the one to tell ya'll, but that man was Effed Up. Capital E and Capital U.

Perhaps he was schizophrenic, or just manic, or bipolar...not really sure. He was just a mess.

He was adamant that the only surgery he had was on his nose.

He loves his fans so much that he wanted to share his baby with him and dangled him over a hotel balcony. I know we have all done some stupid things with our babies, but having the potential of them plummeting to their death from 6 stories up....nope, never done that one.

He was a GREAT artist, he was an amazing dancer, he really was one of the best musical artists of our time.

HOWEVER, he was not a sane human being.

I suspect that certain other artists might be like this some day...maybe um...Britney? Or Miley? This is their potential future....

I haven't liked his music for a long time, but I am so glad that we all have such great memories of him. Remember how great the anticipation was for the Thriller video? And how everyone competed to learn the song and dance first? And how certain people were maybe a little scared-I wasn't!!!! It was ...Amy or someone in my friend group! It wasn't me! And remember that one year when we all somewhat eventually questioned whether Michael and Janet were the same person? That was fun. Remember when his hair caught fire in that Pepsi commercial? That seems so unreal to me, but I remember watching it over and over-it was crazy. I think that same week was when they said he died from breakdancing. Wait, was that Michael? Yes, it sounds like Michael. Remember how we all accepted the highwater black jeans with white socks and black shoes - we forgave him that because he really worked those white socks.

Anyway, he was good times, for a good time.

But then he really wasn't. And then it turns out he really wasn't good for a good amount of time. It was a sad story. I'm glad there was some happy parts to it and I'm glad I lived through the era of the King of Pop. It was a good time.

I'm not broken-hearted over it though.
I'm good.
I hope you are all good too.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    He was definitely something. We just saw on the news his children's names. WTF?? Who names their kids the same thing??

  1. I will say that I did like his earlier music and yep, some during and after Thriller... but I did get my butt chewed by a girl I have known forever just cause I said that Farrah Fawcett was fighting for her life and you have someone killing himself etc but they make this guy into a god... funny, that was the one and only thing I said about the whole thing... suffice to say I don't need that when I were just saying my opinion... sorry he died, sorry about the kids but gee... I exed her off my FB that is for sure... I am afraid to say that I will come out and say I had more respect for Farrah Fawcett - she was willing to show warts and all and still bring her cancer out to help others...
    Enough of that...

  1. Yeah, I agree with the above comment.

    Just because MJ died on the same day, Farrah just kind of gets brushed aside.

    You know they asked her at the Pearly Gates what her one wish would be and she said to save all the children...that's when MJ keeled over.

    Sorry, I had to 'Because I'm bad, I'm bad. You know it."


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