I'm No Celebrity, But Get Me Out of Here

Tonight is the premier of the show "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here," and let me satisfy any curiosity you might have about it - it is worse than you could imagine.

The "celebrities" are absurd humans who are not really famous so much as just loud and ridiculous. Two of them are characters from the scripted reality show, "the Hills," which I find to be one of the worst shows ever. EVER. I won't mention their names because they make me want to vomit. In the first ten minutes, the male fake reality guy declared that being with the people on this show devalues his fame. His fame...of being on a fake reality show. Then ten minutes later, the fake reality girl fake cries because her dry hair shampoo was "vandalized" when someone tore her name tag off the bottle. Then the next ten minutes, the fake girl and boy had a fake outburst where the fake boy yelled fake things and the fake girl wiped away fake tears and told us all about how the others were so horrible and mean for being so offensive and vandalizing her hair product. I can not stand these people.

These are my least favorite people in the entire show...maybe the world. And that's saying a lot cause Daniel Baldwin AND Janice Dickinson are on the same show, and they have nothing positive to be said about them.

The rest of the people...no one I know. Some comedian ladies who I have seen briefly on VH1 and I guess they are funny. I like that they work so well together, they are at least tolerable to listen to.

Sanjaya is on the show, but I have no idea what his deal is. He barely talks and he seems like he might be fairly normal.

Oh--Lou Diamond Phillips is on it!! I watched an entire hour and I think he was shown once.

The producers of this show felt like it would be such a success that it's actually scheduled to be on FOUR days a week. Oy...this seems about 3.5 days too long. Poor NBC. This is what they have come up with for entertaining us in the off-season? For those of you watching the Bachelorette tonight-good choice, my friends, good choice.

Just to review: "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" - two thumbs down, fo sho.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yeah, I watched 2 seconds of it and saw Spencer Pratt and said no way!

  1. Alison said...:

    LOL.... same as yaya. WAAAAAAY too much. And you didn't even mention Blagojavich's wife.

  1. TQ said...:

    Absolutely TWO THUMBS DOWN and I didn't even watch it :) What kills me is that these so called celebrities think they're actually celebrities? Um... not hardly. I did catch myself watching the season finale of the Hills last night and it was the most absurd ridiculous episode yet. I can't believe it's still on the air and that people actually support Speidi. Ridiculous. It's like their last ditch effort to save face... but at the same time look at them - they're living the life on riches by people who feel the need to treat them like stars. Which they so aren't.
    Just my two cents :)


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