More Luck of the Non-Irish

Guess who got promoted?
The girl with all the luck!!!

It’s so surreal to me because I literally worked at a job just 3.5 yrs ago where I would bring in a movie and watch it half-screen while I taught myself how to use a particular database (I still heart you Filemaker) and waited for someone to let me do real work. I worked for a manager who seriously felt the need to tell me to fold the letters before I put them in a standard envelope (um, the paper doesn’t fit if it’s not folded…I’m not sure what she thought I would do if I did not fold them). One of the other ladies I worked for asked me to do a large mailing for her one time, with personalized letters and envelope labels. She stressed it was very important that I verify each name on the letter matches the names on the label. Really…why would I not verify the letter addressed to Dr. Littleton is going in the envelope attached to Dr. Littleton? Oh…cause I have small mental capabilities. Another of my managers would get mad for not making the meetings that I added to his calendar because he rarely checked his calendar to see what he had going on, though he insisted that I be the one to maintain it. One month, after he had lost his smart phone for the second time, he decided he needed something bigger—so he bought a large wall calendar, the 3 ft x 2 ft size, and every morning he handwrote what was on his outlook calendar onto the paper one. This was great fun if there were changes throughout the day (which is common). And it was even more fun to see him carry the 3x2 calendar under his arm from meeting to meeting.

Then for a short 18 months, I worked in a place with more normal people who entrusted me to know how to mail a letter properly without directions. It was a great job.

And then one day, I got a call from a recruiter at my current company. It was almost like magic how it all worked out. I happened to have taken the afternoon off. If not, I would not have answered the phone and the recruiter would have left a message, which I would have ignored. I had applied at this company 2 yrs before this day and didn’t get a position I had really wanted, but then I got my current job, which I really liked….so a message from a recruiter-bleh, no thanks.

But I was home. And I answered. And she convinced me to take a look at the job description and not just look at it, but can she call me back in an hour and talk further about it. I humored her a little and said, yes, yes, fine, just call me back and then I made myself go to the computer and review this job that I didn’t need. I knew I liked the company and it is just 7 miles down the road from where we live, so when she called back, I told her I would be happy to interview, but I already found a new job that I like…she was happy to set me up with an interview two days later and from there it was all a blur. I had a job offer with flowers and wine within a week and I gave notice soon after and within 3 wks of that phone call, I was packing my desk and saying goodbye to my 50 minute commute, the arrogant doctors (I worked at a hospital), the weird new manager I had just gotten, the really incompetent manager above my manager, the “friend” I had who stopped talking to me over a little jealousy tiff, and a large handful of people who I really, really enjoyed talking to and seeing every day.

And less than a year later, I’m promoted to a new position on a new team where I fit in so much better than any of my last 3 jobs.

Congratulations to me!

Isn’t this proof that things happen for a reason? That good things happen to those who do good things? That karma is real and true? I have suffered, I have persevered, I have done a LOT of volunteering and I have done a lot of caring about other people---and look where I am.

And I suppose my love for data analysis and quick ability to learn new databases helped too.


  1. Cara said...:

    Congrats on the new job! What are you going to be doing now? And that is *awesome* that it is so close to your house!

  1. San said...:

    Congrats! This is awesome.

  1. kilax said...:

    Congratulations! It seems like it was meant to be! How lucky that you happened to be at home that afternoon ;)

  1. Tad said...:

    Congrats! Self-image +2!



  1. Nat said...:

    Yay! Congratulations! You totall deserve it and all the great luck in the world. I am so happy for you! :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Oh my gosh girl! Good things are happening! Whoo hoo! Congratulations!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!

  1. krista said...:

    i'm a little late to the party here but congratulations on your promotion! that AND a new house? it's a good year for you...the beginning of a long run of good years. obviously.


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