Painting My Life Away

The big project this last week has been painting painting and more painting.

And then a little bit more painting.

Remember how much fun art class was in elementary school? Well that's the last time painting will ever be fun people. Cause painting is really just work. Hard work. Like beads of sweat on your brow work. Enclosed in a small room with strong fumes work.

Luckily, my teen was not adverse to work this day and actually did the bulk of the painting, which was helpful since he has big long strong monkey arms and I do not, nor do I have a ladder.
The previous room color was sunshiny day yellow and the colors around the window/doors were random rainbow brite colors.

Andrew picked out a nice gray color for the walls and a dark gray for the borders, however, when I ordered the paint, I have Alzheimer's mistakenly told the paint-mixer that we are painting on white walls, which we clearly were not. And yellow and gray apparently make a purplely kind of silver...and trust me-the teen does not like purple.

However, as the paint dried and as we looked at it further, it really was more shiny gray than purple and the young one gave his nod of approval.

Here are the exciting action shots of the painting:

painting bedroompainting kids bedroom

painting kids bedroom
We had planned to paint a two-three foot border across the bottom to make the room appear bigger (it's a small room). But as teenagers do, Andrew changed his mind. I gave him 24 hours to come up with a new idea, but as teenagers do, he put it off and came up with nothing. I offered my suggestion and he surprisingly liked it without any coaxing/convincing/bribing.

So we taped and taped and then painted some more to come up with this: (and we free handed the taping on this so be impressed with how straight it is!!)

painting kids bedroompainting kids bedroompainting kids bedroom

However, when we took the tape off (official blue painters tape!), the paint had leaked underneath and the lines weren't nice and neat at all, though it kinda looks like that in the pics I had to do what any good mom/house-owner would do..cry...paint with the tiniest brush possible for 2.5 hours to fix the mess because blue painters tape sucks.

painting kids bedroom
Seriously...2.5 hours of this.


  1. Now that's a lot of work; but totally worth it. It looks great and 'unique'!

  1. *pulling hair out* Don't get me started on painters tape. That stuff won't even stick to itself! Nice design though.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Wow! A lot of work!

    Check out my blog for the winner announcement. You'll be pleased! :)

  1. BeautifulWreck said...:

    Painters tape sucks. And Painting is lots of hard work.

  1. Holy crap. way too talanted for me. my freehand would have come out more like a bumpy mountain then a straight line. looks rad though


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