Random Thoughts Tuesday - Old Lady Edition


Wow, I am OLD. How do I know: sitting on the floor now hurts my back. I remember in the old days, I could just sit on the floor and have no problem, but now I have to limit my floor-sitting to less than an hour or I am REALLY aching. It's ridiculous.

Now I can add bad back to the long list of problems I have:

  • Tendinitis, mostly in the right wrist.
  • Overweight, mostly all over, but not really in my fingers.
  • TMD/TMJ, my jaw is a slow achy pain always in the background but I mostly feel this in the muscle that runs across my shoulder to my jaw. It's very taut/tight and painful. Massages help, but only temporarily.
  • Bad back, probably related to the weight, but also because I'm old. OLD.
  • I think I have plantar fascitis on my left foot. It hurts when I first start walking in the morning.

Okay, enough about health stuff...let's talk a little about me.

I have been looking everywhere for a loveseat and chair for my living room. I found the perfect one at Lazyboy, but it's $2000 for two pieces-on sale. What kind of sale is that? Not a good enough one. So I have gone to many stores, searched far and wide. I found one on Sunday that I really liked. Not loved, but really liked and the two pieces were only $850 total, with delivery. Great, after sitting in a million chairs and wandering the same aisles of couches for an hour, FOUND one that works. Saleslady comes back, goes to place the order and finds-they don't have any in stock. Of course they don't. That's how my luck goes. It takes 6-8 weeks for them to order it. Sigh. I can't wait two months for furniture I don't LOVE. I think I can find one in stock elsewhere. Or can I? Cause I've looked at SO many stores.

When I was in this house on four different occasions before it became mine, there were two hummingbirds fluttering around right outside the big kitchen window. The seller of the house left the feeder and I have put in some yummy hummingbird feeder and the bratty wanna-be birds have not shown their little blurry faces at all!! I'm very irritated with them.

I won at bingo on Saturday night!!! I paid $12 to play for 3.5 hrs and won $150. As my genius son explained it, you can't count the $12 as an expense though because I was hanging out and chit-chatting the whole time with my friend and the $12 was really an entertainment expense. True! It's cheaper than the movies AND I walked away with $135.00 in my pocket. We have a bingo rule that we give 10% to our friends, so Nancy got $15.00. It's a good rule, then we are all winners and don't have to be bitter at our friends when they win. It only applies over $100.00 though, cause winning $80 is not really enough to give up any.

I bought a topsy turvey to grow tomatoes but forgot to pick up the dirt. Oops.

I am really excited about the Cherry Dr. Pepper I am going to have for lunch! Tori said it's not really that great, but I'm hoping I really love it because it is like combining two of my favorite drinks.

I have a big report I'm working on...it's a hard one and a little intimidating. I think it's going well, but I feel like it's taking much longer than I thought it would.

We're going to paint the kids room a gray color called Misty Travels, with a bit of a color called Rabelais' Song, which is a deep gray. Who names these things???? It's absurd.

I have this habit of looking in other peoples garages as I drive by...I don't go *near* them or anything creepy, I just make it a point to drive by slower than normal if someones garage is open. I don't know when this started-at least six months ago, maybe more like a year. I just like to see how messy/cluttered/clean/empty people keep their garage. The people across the street hardly have anything at all, whereas the family on the corner can't even fit a car in their 2-car garage-it's so packed with tons of stuff. Mine is a bit cluttered, but I just moved so I have an excuse. 1/5 of my clutter is empty boxes to be recycled (via craigslist I guess) and they should be gone within the week.

My girl cat tends to wander around the couch-less room and cry real sad-like. I think she wants a lazy-boy recliner too.


  1. TQ said...:

    Let me know what you think about the Cherry DP... not horrible, but just not what I was expecting I guess (but crossing my two favorites - DP and Cherry Coke - um, can't go wrong with that!)

  1. Remind me to keep the door on our garage shut in case you drive by... it is a mess... and yep, I too am growing old... the big 4-0 this year... hoping that I will be spending it in China... that would be great...

  1. GreenJello said...:

    You would be fascinated with my garage. It's practically full, and we didn't just move. Sigh.

  1. Keely said...:

    Hm, there's nothing in my garage really (which is shocking, we've lived here for 3 years, don't park in it, and have a rather small house) so I think I'd be safe.

  1. I have my tomatoes in the topsy turvey too - I don't know if they will grow - we shall see

    cool rule for the bingo winnings - my grandma used to go all the time and win tons of $$$$

    too bad you weren't closer to us (IL) - I would set you up on a blind date with my little bro

  1. Cara said...:

    Those paint names are kind of out there...

    I absolutely do the same thing with other peoples' garages. And furniture shopping sucks. We moved into our new house about 6 weeks ago & still haven't purchased anything.

    Thanks for the bday wishes!


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