Random Thoughts Tuesday

Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.


Welcome to Random Tuesday!

There was a commercial on in the background as I was chewing something not-normally-a-breakfast food and I wasn't looking or paying attention and what I heard was, "I am so confident that my child is white. Nothing can stop me!"
....it was actually a commercial for some tooth whitener and she really said "smile"-not child.

I bought a theracane! It's wonderful for those of us who have muscles that knot up or aches and pains that feel better after someone sticks their elbow about two inches into your skin. I've wanted one of these for about three years now and I finally broke down and bought it.

It's really great--I bought it because the TMJ in my left jaw causes the muscle that runs along my left shoulder is always really taut and can be very painful. Trigger point therapy helps release that tight muscle and this nice little tool totally helps free me from pain!

The UPS man dropped it off approximately 14 minutes ago and the last 10 minutes have been very explorative. You can use this for any spot!! I can reach almost any spot on my back with it. And then you sit down and use it on your feet and it's like a personal massage!! And it doesn't take a lot of effort on your part to make it feel good!

Wow---look at my infomercial Tuesday....blahblah theracane blahblah.

School is finally out on Thursday. We had a full extra week thanks to the big snowstorm this year. As a parent, I hate summer. I hate having my son be at home all day with nothing structured about his days. I hate having to figure out what to do with him and what he's going to eat and whether he will keep me up all night (there's no bedtime in summer for teens!). Why can't we just have year-round school?? WHY???? Does anyone benefit from this large summer break? No. They don't.

We got a new barbecue this week-it's awesome.

Andrew's cat threw up on my carpet. I want to test out my new bbq and make some yummy cat steak. (kidding of course!!)

Two squirrels had a rendezvous in my backyard this morning. I felt like I should close the curtains and give them some privacy. I turned on a little Barry White for them. It was like a made-for-tv movie in my backyard.

Two things I'm in need of for the new house: crowbar and a leaf blower. There are constantly leaf and tree bits being pushed into the entryway leading up to the house. I have a board on my deck that was soggy and is now split. I have to replace it....but apparently you need a crowbar to do this type of project. I think the teen would like to rip boards out of the deck with a big metal bar. And then I think I have to treat the whole deck so other boards don't meet this unfortunate demise. At what point do I get to rest and relax in my new house?? Oh....in about 4 years? Okay, great. It's on my calendar.

Loretta Lynn made a guest appearance on Roseanne. How did this happen??? I used to watch Roseanne when it was new and I was young (and stupid). Now when I pass by the Oxygen channel and it's on, I cringe everytime. Roseanne just really yells all the time. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. She just YELLS. Why was this ever allowed to be on tv for more than one season? It's really horrible. And she's R.U.D.E.


  1. Cara said...:

    Bwahahhaaa. Squirrels gettin' it on in your backyard?

    I think it was 1st or 2nd grade, when we lived in CA, I went to a year-round school. I've never been a big summer person so I'd send my kids to a year-round in a heartbeat.


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