Random Thoughts Tuesday


Today I handed in my keys to my old apartment. You may remember that I had issues with the apartment management. I still do. I have HUGE issues....but it doesn't matter at this point because it's OVER. I will never ever ever (hopefully) live in another apartment and never have to deal with this again. But just to fill you all in on the story: I did end up calling the management company, who took FOREVER to get back to me and when we finally did touch base, it was for her to tell me that no matter how good of a tenant I have been for five years, it would really set the tone for them to be asked to let others out of their lease, blahblah, sorry, can't help you.
Great, whatever. So I paid for the last month at the apartment and didn't live there. Great, whatever. I did feel free to take all the garbage from my new house over to the apartment complex to offset a little of the cost, though I was told I'm not allowed to put anything in the dumpster that wasn't created or came from living in the apartment. Whatever. I just saved myself $30.

We did the walk through today and the mean manager pointed out the stupid little things, like there's no light bulb in the storage unit. There never was, I said, but then she starts flipping papers and says, well, it wasn't noted here, so I have to charge you for it. WHATEVER.

After we had finished cleaning and pulling out the very last of the stuff last night, I told Andrew to give a wave goodbye to the place where we spent the last five years, and he held up his middle finger. I didn't feel bad (okay, I laughed). I did the same today as I drove away. I hope I never ever ever have to see the mean lady or her smelly maintenance guy again (though granted, he was really nice).

My housewarming party is coming up!!! Feel free to check out my gift registry and buy up as much as you can before the party!!! I'm registered at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Search for Kaylen. Last name Miller. Go ahead, try it!!! I'll print out your picture from your blog and make sure all the real life party guests know that you are one of my biggest fans! Go ahead. I'll wait....

Back? Okay, great, on with random stuff.

If you came across an older blue vacuum in a parking lot of a local grocery store today, it may or may not have been left there by me. If I am arrested anytime soon, you can suspect this is the reason.

Tonight is my big art project night!!! That sounds really big and exciting, but really it's just me, a bunch of paint and some canvasses. I might have pictures to share. Unless it turns out horrible, which is VERY possible.

Cereal is way too expensive. But there was some mostly-sugar-cereal on sale for $2.50 and while in the aisle, a nice lady came along and offered me some of her $1.00 off coupons which were expiring. So I got cereal for the price that it should be in real life before the company decided to over-inflate the price!

I won about 5 times in a row at bingo...and then lost twice in a row. The winning streak is over. Sad. We're going back Friday afternoon so we'll see if it was just a temporary winning streak or if it was a temporary losing streak. I like to think I'm a winner on hiatus.


  1. BeautifulWreck said...:

    those people sounds like assholes! Glad you moved and I say take more garbage to their dumpster!

  1. I agree, the price of cereal is insane; therefore I refuse to buy it.

    Gotta go. I need to check out that registry at Target.com.


    (Had ya going didn't I?)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm so glad to be done with the nit-picking of landlords trying to keep the security deposit. Argh.


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