Better Than Ice Cream

I worked in the backyard on Thursday...thinning out the strawberry patch (it was out of control!) and cutting back some bushes and probably pulling out things that are meant to be flowers but I thought might be weeds. Andrew came home and helped towards the end, but this is where he was most helpful - raking.

Not raking the yard.

Raking the itchiness off my arms:

this is a look of pure joy

Grasses and trees and such make me very itchy, red and miserable. Andrew unfortunately seems to have inherited this lovely skin of mine and as I was finishing up, I see him off to the side of the yard and he's using the rake to scratch his leg, to which I yelled, stop that!! It can't be good for his skin, right?

But then he brought it over to me and said, check this out...and I am not kidding that it is the best feeling in the entire world!!! You should all rush out and buy this rake cause it will satisfy your itchy arms/legs better than anything you could imagine.

Make sure you test it out in the store. Take a friend, it's a 2-person job.


  1. {Katie Lane} said...:

    That's funny! I'll go buy one right now :)

  1. Casey said...:

    I would try that but our rakes have all touched dog poop so it's probably not a good idea. I have some serious yard work to do over here though...

  1. Kristina P. said...:

    Being itchy is the worst! My friend and were talking pictures in the grass, and when we got up, I felt like I needed a camomile bath!


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