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Yay for Ikea!!

My friend Nancy and I headed out to Ikea yesterday. We had three agenda items:

1) Break Nancy's Ikea virginity and introduce her to the world of the
2) Exchange the broken hinge from my son's futon and get a new one (no, I
don't have a receipt, yes it's over 90 days -it's actually been 3 yrs).
3) Find something for my mantle.

And over a 2.5 hr time frame---we actually accomplished all three!!!

I held Nancy's hand and coaxed her through the store. (not really) We opened every cupboard, every drawer, every cabinet. We looked at every utensil, every glass, each vase, every picture, touched each rug. We are Ikea experts now. Most important lesson---bring your own carrying bag!! They have nothing you can pack your stuff into after checking out. So if you were to buy lots of little kitchen gadgets, you're left to carry them out yourself. You can use the cart, but who wants to just drop all that in the back of your car??

I somehow got the nicest customer service person EVER at the return desk and she took one look at my broken piece, and about three minutes later, she had a brand new un-broken hinge for me to walk away with. And when I jokingly told her that the guy on the phone said the price was only $4.00, even after she said it was five, she then charged me only four!! I have not ever had such a good Ikea experience!!

I got some tall glass vases for the mantel. Nothing to hang up yet, because I am SUPER picky about what I hang and especially about spending over $50.00 on something to hang up. The vases are working for me. I think a bigger vase of fresh flowers in the middle will make the end result lovely. Stay tuned for pictures. You'll be amazed. It won't be anything like the great paintings I did, but it'll be pretty.


  1. Did you know we don't have Ikea in Hawaii?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I wish we had Ikea here!

  1. I still have yet to break my IKEA cherry!

  1. Debbie said...:

    My closest Ikea is 4 hours away! But I do love going to the website and dreaming.

  1. Midwest Mommy said...:

    Oh Ikea, I either love it but everything I buy from there seems to fall apart

  1. I just adore IKEA! We're actually lucky enough to have 2 nearby!


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