Mexico Anyone?

We have not had a vacation in FOREVER.

I took a short trip to Vegas early this year and the kid went a couple places last year with others, but together-it's been maybe THREE years! And he's only with me for two more years (assuming he leaves immediately for college)...I feel like I should take advantage of the time we have together.

Andrew would really LOVE to go to Hawaii. Who wouldn't, ya? However...I'm looking into taking a short trip to Mexico - it would probably be Sept or October.

It's just so CHEAP to go to Mexico!! For example, looking at trips to Hawaii, just the airfare and hotel for two is about $1700 total (for the cheaper hotel). For both of us to go to Mexico, airfare and 4-nights at an all-inclusive hotel is $1200!! And that includes all meals!

And food in Hawaii is mega-expensive. And all activities in Hawaii will cost money.

The place in Mexico I'm looking at has a small water park, is on the beach, has personal watercrafts for its guest to use, snorkeling gear and lessons, windsurfing and boogie-boarding/surfing are nearby, etc....there just seems to be so much to do that is included in your price. And the idea of all-inclusive is the greatest thing EVER.

I'm looking at San Jose del Cabo. It's not as big of a tourist trap as Cabo San Lucas I's north a wee bit.

Anyone been there?
Anyone have advice on Mexico?

Anyone care that I have wanted to go to Mexico for at least 6 years now and that it might be a reality is making me jump up and down and squeal like a little girl who was just promised a pony?


  1. Debbie said...:

    My in-laws took us on a cruise to Mexico this past winter. It was great. But, I don't have any tips except to have fun!

  1. TQ said...:

    Do it! You guys definitely deserve a vacation :) I've never been to Mexico so no advice from me, but all my friends who have gone loved it... how fun!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The part of Mexico I went to (Acupulco) had kids bombarding you everywhere trying to sell you chicklets. They almost stole my purse several times. So watch out! I think the more touristy places aren't like this though.

  1. Melissa said...:

    I have never been. I am also a single Mom and have actually been thinking about Mexico myself!

  1. Nat said...:

    Yay Mexico! I'm so excited that you get to go!

  1. Anti-Supermom said...:

    Mexico - I'm so jealous. Seriously jealous.

  1. Michelle said...:

    Oh is a blast....anywhere is a blast! Travel while you can!

  1. robin said...:

    I've only been to the east coast of Mexico so I am not sure how helpful I can be. But I loved it and had an amazing time. The only thing: it's insanely HOT there in the summer months so you might want to go closer to October. Then again, the west coast might be different. Either way, I say go and have FUN!!!!


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