Random Thoughts Tuesday


Oy, Michael Jackson memorial...please be done now. He's gone, he was great, blahblah, I suspect there are a large number of families (with young boys) who he affected who are not in mourning and who were "touched" by MJ, but not in the same way as, say, Brooke Shields and Usher apparently were. The news media is insane on this - one of the reporters on CNN said "everyones heart is literally breaking." And I thought, she's a reporter and just used the word literally that way?? My heart is not breaking. I'm sad for the people who are sad. The end. Let's move on. Literally.

We are training the cats to use the kitty door into the garage so I can put the kitty litter in there. So far, it's a lot of pushing-not a lot of using of the paws. I think that once one of them figures it out, the other will figure it out quickly. My bet is on the female cat, cause females are literally smarter.

I have been watching Chelsea Lately lately. Anyone watch this? She's a spunky smartass and I really like her. Set your dvr today! If you're paying for your dvr, you're losing out. Seriously---call Comcast and tell them that you are switching to Verizon because you were offered a free dvr and a great plan. I can literally guarantee you that you will get a discount. Literally.

I have two sprinkler heads---I suspect one of them was broken when I moved in. The other had an unfortunate run-in with the lawn mower (thanks Alison!). I can fix the mashed head (it's okay Alison!!) easily enough, says the internet. The one that doesn't have water coming out of it at all is another issue altogether.

Oh, back to the MJ Memorial - LA had to have 1/3 of its' police force working today. Um, who paid for that?? Not me, thank goodness. I suspect that if you live in LA, you are responsible. And we all thank you. Cause we literally would have been lost without the memorial. Literally.

I am drinking on Friday. For those of you who know me recently, this is a rare occurrence. Our family has a history with alcohol and I don't typically avoid drinking around my son...and so he has been tasked to find somewhere to spend the night Friday and I have about 10 friends coming over to help toast my new house. Housewarming party number one!! We're having a normal, non-drinking party on Sunday. Andrew is welcome at that one. Everyone is really. My family can't make it. Sad. But that means we'll get housewarming party number 3!! Yay!

I'm going to Ikea to fight for a broken piece of Andrew's bed. Sound familiar? I literally have had to do this before. It was successful last time-wish me luck. Maybe while I'm there I can find a painting to hang on the wall, since I am a total failure at painting. Literally.

I've lost at bingo three times in a row now. I may as well give it up. I had all my luck all at one time and now it's over.

Is there anything as weird as when a cat cleans their feet? They spread them out and they look alien. Check it out sometime. It's creepy.

That's all for me....peace out.


  1. kel said...:

    The Micheal Jackson stuff is irking me to no end! Enough already! geez!

  1. I love Chelsea Lately. And thanks for stopping by my blog today ; -)

  1. BeautifulWreck said...:

    I can't stand Chelsea Lately. When I listen to her talk I want to smack her in the face. Literally.

    I like that you used the word literally a lot in this post.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    To teach my cat the cat door I taped up the door for a bit so she learned to just go through the hole. The whole swinging door thing freaked her out at first.

  1. Cara said...:

    Michael Jackson? Over it. And the whole "who's gonna pay for it?" I saw on Fox News today that CA has set up a website asking for fans to donate to help cover the cost...because they spent FOUR MILLION DOLLARS getting everything put together. Are you f'ing serious?!

    The best part? Was when the congresswoman was speaking & said "Michael told us all to beat it."

  1. My dog licking her butt is almost as creepy as your cat cleaning her paws. Because dogs like to lick people too with the same tongues.

  1. kilax said...:

    I have been avoiding the news like the plague because I am so sick of hearing about MJ.

    We make fun of my cat everytime he spreads his toes like that! Ha ha!

  1. I have literally not been turning on the TV to avoid all the MJ hoopla.

  1. Alison said...:

    I think you meant to say that you DO normally avoid drinking around your son. I think its OK to show kids that some people can be responsible with drinking. Drinking isn't bad if you, say, have a glass of wine with dinner or a cold beer on a hot day. Just saying.

    Also, I did run over that one sprinkler and it made a loud, horrible noise and scared me. The grass was so long I couldn't see it!! You should get some flags or something for those suckers.

  1. Kate said...:

    Great post. Literally.

  1. I liked Michael Jackson's music and he was a good entertainer but enough already... I actually had an old friend go off at me cause I was sick of hearing about it... suffice to say I am not going to be spoken to like that just cause I thought the guy was a little creepy... take care

  1. Kimberly said...:

    AMEN, he's dead, move along, LITERALLY!

  1. Deb said...:

    I love Chelsea Lately!! I should set my DVR, though, since I don't catch it too often.

    Look forward to reading more of your blog.


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