Random Thoughts Tuesday

Yay it's Tuesday!!


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I love Tuesday because it means I work from home. I'm on my new comfy over sized chair, I have a comfy blanket, a great view of my beautiful backyard, and I tend to spend the majority of the day in what some might call "pajamas."

My cats breath smells so wickedly bad. I bought a little kitty toothbrush and toothpaste for her, but well....this seems like it's more torturous than trying to give her a bath. Or making her ride on the back of a large dog. Or giving her a long, relaxing pedicure (pawdicure? ha!). I think I might have to try it later, as it's REALLY bad. Like something died inside of her bad.

The cat we had when Andrew was younger had really bad teeth too (I'm sure this is just coincidence and not something that we are doing!). When we went to travel to Korea, the vet who had to sign off on her health certificate wouldn't sign off on her being certifiably healthy until we fixed her rotten teeth. And they were ROTTEN. When she was about 6, she had two that had to be pulled. They literally rotted and when she went to eat one day, they just broke. It was a horrible bloody mess (and not just in the British way of saying bloody). Anyway, so the health certificate vet tells me that the teeth must be cleaned and by this point, the little kitty toothbrush is not going to be sufficient. I had to pay to have little kitty knocked out and have her teeth lasered. LASERED!!! Her teeth were much better after that. My wallet was not. So anyway...if you hear a loud earth-shattering noise later tonight, rest assured we are not having an Armageddon. It is just my cat getting her teeth cleaned.

I realized earlier this week that I have a hole in my tooth. Remember how when you were little and you got those metal fillings? And then you grew up and found out that they aren't meant to last a normal human lifespan? Well, one of mine had cracked a tooth a while back, and I let it go...and now it's apparently busted through and I can fully see a hole where there once was a tooth. Sad. I absolutely despise the dentist. And I really really despise the dentist bills. Even with insurance, dentists are ridiculous.

I can't believe it's mid-July already. Are we on some kind of time-accelerator?? I hate it. I want it to slow down.

I read this book called Notes Left Behind, 135 Days with Elena. It's about a little girl who has brain cancer-it's her parents journal. I knew how it ended all along, but still...when the moment at the end of the book comes, I was devastated. I'm not a big cryer....but I had a BIG cry in this book. It's really really sad, but very touching.

I also read the new Dean Koontz, and in typical Dean Koontz fashion-I couldn't put it down.
And last week I read a book about a female doctor who went to work in Saudi Arabia, and all that she went through while working there. Very interesting story...I'll have to find the name of it for you all. I love reading about other cultures from a first-hand account of someone who lived through it, not for the purpose of living in another culture, but by some other circumstance, like the doctor who took a job there.

It's almost 8:30am, is it too early for microwave kettle corn and a cherry coke?

I'm going to start a puzzle today. I must keep up my superior puzzle skills if I'm going to go pro some day.


  1. shopannies said...:

    understand on the bad breath as I have had cats before

  1. It took me years and 10 dentists on try outs, but I have a dentist I love and who does not try and juice me for every penny. You should come to Hawaii and go to him.

  1. BeautifulWreck said...:

    Love some kettle corn, but have mine with diet dr. pepper. Love a puzzle too. You should take a picture and show us all.

  1. Cara said...:

    Mmm. Kettle corn. I don't think it's ever too early. And when has cat breath EVER smelled good?

  1. Renee said...:

    Kaylen you are so funny.

    I like the family of rotten teeth. Do you think it could be caused by cherry cola and kettle corn?

    Love Renee xoxo

  1. Lani said...:

    Stopping by from SITS- good luck with the nasty cat breath:)

  1. Get Real Girl said...:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't have cats, but have six stray kittens living underneath my deck out back. I am trying to lure them out and make them friendly so that I can give them away. It is not as easy as I thought it would be, they are way too fast.

  1. Dee said...:

    Hi visiting from SITS.

    Lasered huh? That would elicit more than "Bloody" from me.

    Waiting for the name of the book about the dr. who went to Saudi Arabia.

  1. Kristen said...:

    Hmm. Maybe your cat's teeth take after you. Just saying :)

  1. Abi said...:

    Ohhh I used to have to clean my kitteh's teeth... even the toothpaste smelled vile, what's with that?! Cats have needle sharp teeth, you may as well try to clean their teeth with BLOOD *looks dramatic* :D

    Also, don't microwave cherry cola :o

  1. 8:30am might be a little early. I'd wait until at least 9.


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