Today Just Sucks!

*whining begins*

For the 3rd time in a month, I have spent at least 90-120 minutes of my evening trying to get my internet working on my stupid laptop. That's three different nights mind you. And could I just accept an internet free night and get lots done, like maybe unpack some stuff that is obviously not important or it would be unpacked by now, but still needs to be unpacked because I have room for EVERYTHING and shouldn't have my stuff packed up still? NO. I had to try REALLY hard to get the internet to work.

I'm trying to do some research on the hotel we might stay at in Mexico. It seems like every time I start searching for good prices, I find a great deal, save it to my itineraries in Expedia and then plan to spend the next night researching the hotel...but by the time I get back to it, the price has changed and I have to start all over again. I just need about a 6 hour block of time to order tickets. I guess I might have to wait til the weekend....and hope that the prices aren't continuously going up. Ergh. Could someone please call Expedia and let them know that I am having computer trouble and I'd appreciate them holding some prices for longer than 12 hours? Thanks.

My phone was not working right today. I suspect it was because I was trapped in the basement of our building all morning and was in a dead zone, but the phone is SUCH a smartphone that it continuously tried to connect to my gmail server, my outlook server and the Verizon network. For THREE hours straight. I realized what it was doing and shut it off after hour three, but by then the battery was pretty dead. And so I plugged it into my laptop when I got home. The laptop I have been working on. Restarting and restarting. And then I talked to the tech services guy and it kept threatening to die. I hate my phone today. Make note--that's two electronics that are not my friends.

AND - Monday I wore shoes that I haven't worn for ages and which are great shoes---but cause blisters. I put some moleskin on first even...but STILL got blisters (okay, that's my fault...I do not know how to use moleskin apparently). So I got a big fat blister--the size of an oversized dime. Almost a nickel, but not quite. Luckily, I have these great blister bandaids and you put it on and it somehow helps it heal really fast. Unluckily, when I pulled it off to change it after my shower tonight, I found that the special healing bandaid thing had just ripped the blistered skin right off my foot and left a big hole where I once had skin. Sigh. For those keeping score: that's two electronics and one pair of dansko mary janes that are not my friends.

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow, which is worse than going to the gynecologist. Or the proctologist. Tomorrow is just a 90-minute new patient exam with a cleaning, xrays and the like...but then I have to go back again soon (hopefully) to fix the cracked tooth. I am asking for some Valium, and maybe some laughing gas in the waiting room, and probably some narcotics immediately following. I hate hate hate the dentist. HATE it. For the scorecard: that's two electronics, one pair of dansko mary janes and all dentists everywhere that are not my friends.

The neighbors whose back yard is on the other side of the fence along the back side of the yard are having a party of some sort. It sounds like it might just be a few men, outside talking...but they have some really crappy music playing quite loud. Then they are talking loud because the music is loud. I can't really say much cause there have been a number of nights where my friends and I were outside on the deck talking late and probably loud into the night, and I know Andrew and his friends have done the same...BUT we don't play music and we typically do it on the weekend. It's the first time I've even heard this neighbor at seven weeks of living here, but hello----it's WEDNESDAY. Don't these people work?? is only 10:30. Now I feel like an old grumpy lady. For the record: that's two electronics, one pair of dansko mary janes, all dentists everywhere and young people who play crappy music outside on weeknights that are not my friends.

I'm in the dark in the best chair in the world, and the pale light coming from my laptop makes it hard to see things clearly, but I'm 80% certain that a spider just crawled across my chest. It might have been my hair, which is wet and kinda strewn all about, but I'm pretty sure it was a spider. My reaction, after a long hard day of frustration: just lightly brushed it off me onto the floor. I just can't deal with creatures right now.

Final Tally - that's two electronics, one pair of dansko mary janes, all dentists everywhere, and young people who play crappy music outside on weeknights that are not my friends. Spiders are my friends.

*end whining*


  1. {Katie Lane} said...:

    You TOTALLY sound like me right now. Well not right now, but what you said is something I would say. Hope tomorrow is better for you!!

  1. Abi said...:

    Oh dear!!! What a crappy day...! I hope you manage to book tickets... and the dentist doesn't butcher you x

    I live a life of hilarious calamity so I know how you feel :)

    Last week I kept scratching my head on the way to school to pick up my son, when I finally stood still in the playground an inch across (including legs) spider scuttled down my face :o

  1. Anonymous said...:

    What a day! I'd say I hope it gets better, but then there's still that dentist to face...hmmm, what are the chances they'll give you that valium? :-)

    Whine away...I think you are certainly entitled!

  1. I hate it when my internet connection acts's such a pain!!

    Found you through SITS! :)

  1. I hate computer problems...and car maintenance...LOL

    Enjoy a Tremendous Thursday!!!

  1. I think spiders are better than dust bunnies. I hope everything gets better. Computers you just gotta love 'em.

  1. krista said...:

    i have none of those same issues and yet i feel exactly the same way today.

  1. April said...:

    It's been one of those weeks for most of us, I think! Here's hoping that next week goes smoother.


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