Weekend Wrap-Up, in Photos

This was Friday night:beer I did not drink all these.

blackberry brandy slushBlackberry brandy slush!! YUM!

I may have drunk(en?) most of this myself.

cheesecake varietyCheesecake!

I for sure did not eat all these myself (though I could have).

This looks more exciting than it was...hennaOne of the girls is a henna artist and showed us her skills.

This came about about 4 hours later...it is exactly what it looks like.

Just two drunken girls rubbing up on a half-naked man. Typical Friday, right?

And then today we had a small get-together with some friends who have kids...a more tamer version of Friday night. WAY more tame. And for some reason, I didn't take any pictures of anything other than the food...

And this most beautiful little girl!!!

That's her real hair, though it looks like extensions...it's real. And she's the most adorable little girl you could imagine.


  1. Wow, I need to get invited to YOUR parties!

  1. BeautifulWreck said...:

    Food, drinking, and hot messes to look at. Damn I want an invitiation!

  1. Certainly seems you had fun... especially with buff boy :)

  1. Nat said...:

    Those cookies were GOOD!

  1. carma said...:

    Well, now I'm feeling like a boring old married woman ;-) maybe that's because I am - GAH!

  1. SugarandSpice said...:

    I wanted to be at your party!!! THAT SLUSH STUFF LOOKED YUMMY!

  1. B said...:

    Mmmm, that slushy looks delicious - do you have the recipe? Looks like a great party. Thanks for stopping by my place x

  1. Susan said...:

    Stopping by from SITS ;-)

    I want your friday night.... not mine... Mine was much less exciting ;-)


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