Not a Sellout- Review: Nature Valley Nut Clusters

So a ton of the bloggers out there are part of this wonderful "thing" called MyBlogSpark. And wonderful it is. Certain companies are selling certain bloggers things to try....and anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of free things. Free?? I cannot turn that down...

They randomly send things and a couple months ago, we received a box with 4 bags of the most yummiest nut snack in the world.

They are called:

Little Bits of Heaven the company Nature Valley refers to them: Nut Clusters.

Andrew and I tore into these and he immediately confiscated the Honey Roasted Peanut Clusters and ate nearly the entire bag of the almond ones as well. There is just nothing bad to say about these---they come in a very convenient ziploc bag, which is great to pass around and share (we didn't do this, cause we couldn't share these!) and easily store away. We are not a family who typically buy a lot of nuts, but we will definitely be buying these again!
Four thumbs up from the teen and I!!
And you can get your very own sample by going HERE and signing up for their newsletter. It's totally worth the minute of your time to request this.


  1. S.E. Sward said...:

    Visiting from SITS & thought I'd come over and say hello since you kindly left a comment for me! Thanks for visiting, hope you'll come back!

  1. Mmm... now I'm hungry. Thanks.


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