Random Thoughts Tuesday - Random Edition

Yay it’s Tuesday!!!


My friend Alison and I spend way too much time emailing back and forth what we would do if we won the lottery. In various amounts---like yesterday we planned out what to do with our winnings if our jackpot was a measly (but helpful), $50,000. We figured it would be $30K after taxes (roughly). Then I decided to spend an hour after work researching whether or not it’s best to take it as a lump sum or as annual payouts if I win the really big jackpot (the answer: It depends on the interest rate, your age, your investment goals). We spend a lot of time thinking about this. And…neither of us actually buy lotto tickets. We had a pool going at work a couple weeks ago and we all joined funds and got $100 worth of tickets, but we didn’t win big. I was ready to spend my share if we did. I might start buying ticket a week. I feel lucky.

I have the greatest group of volunteer friends!! I appreciate you all!!! (only one of whom reads this blog-hey Nat!)

I had the best boca burger for lunch yesterday. Then I tried to have a salmon burger for dinner…no good. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to eat it, but I tried to eat it like a boca burger, with all the fixings of a hamburger—but nope, no good. Maybe I just don’t love salmon enough to eat this.

School starts in two weeks!!! Thank the good lord baby buddha jesus allah!

Yesterday I read an article on NPR about a business that scans and fixes your old and super-old photos and by the end of the day, I had a complete business plan in my head about how I was going to start my own scanning business. But then I did some research last night and found that there are actually lots of places and individuals who have already had this plan. Sad.

Our cats have very little contact with dogs. They really don’t know many and have only smelled the little pocket-dog my sister brings around now and again. I had a games night last month and one of my friends had his dog in the car and I told him he could just let her loose in the backyard, it’s all fenced in and she’s a good dog (he says). So the 90-lb dog goes in the backyard and is super-sweet and cute and does nothing but sit outside the back sliding glass door, staring longingly at his owner. Andrew’s cat, who is fairly skittish around strangers, ventures out and finds this big shaggy polar-bear like dog just laying there. The dog paid no mind to the cat, but the cat was entranced by the dog. Most of the time the dog didn’t move at all, but the cat sat and stared for hours, regardless of the strangers in the house approaching him--he only had eyes for the beast outside. Puppy love!!!

I added an email subscription button on the right hand side---for those of you less techy people who don’t use a reader, you can now have my posts come directly into your email anytime I post. How glorious is that?? And for those of you who use Google Follower---why aren’t you following me??? When I win the lotto, you will be sad you aren’t following me!!! I’m not threatening you or anything…I’m just saying. (and for those wonderful people who are already Followers—don’t take this as a written promise that you will receive any of my winnings. I know how you people get when someone you know wins big).
I’ll just sit back and watch my Follower number go up now….


  1. otin said...:

    I am following because I need a lottery winning friend!!!!!!


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